Republican “Party” Gang Planks

plankThanks to the wonders of modern technology and slave labor, the factory workers (illegally smuggled illegal immigrant orphan toddlers) here at Cube have been able to decipher the singular Republican “party” message(s) as elucidated by their leader…  The Internet.

—  Tea Bagging


—  Pirates

—  Pizza

—  The Constitution

—  Mind Control and Fire Safety

—  “Re-Education Camps”

—  Socialism and Gulags (sitting in a tree)

—  No

—  Rush


Well, at least I don’t resort to a tired joke as a title to this prose.


14 Responses to “Republican “Party” Gang Planks”

  1. cube1122 Says:


    • cube1122 Says:

      Hi Cube,
      😉 I really thought your article was funny. Maybe some people will click on the links and see the porn and pie in the face jokes. Like maybe, just maybe, people will whore out the blog on other blogs giving other blogs problems with their cubics.

      If you’d like to be an official hooker or gigolo of Cube and go to Red State or Minority Report (In The Blogroll) or even Huffpot or Daily (rhymes with “os”), and, you can’t find this blog, the link thing is:

      • PCL Says:

        LMAO. You are so pathetic. Had to write a comment to yourself. You’re gonna have to get a tougher skin if you want to be a successful blogger like Tommy and Caleb. Now dust yourself off and get out there.

  2. cube1122 Says:

    Baby, I’ve been hoin’ it so hard by 0’s and 1’s are chaffed.

    Seriously, the amount of hits have been unreal. But, more about me. Today was a great day. My favoritest blog popped it. Peggy showed up as did some newbies.

    Also, all kidding aside, that list isn’t very unfair. Those are basically the talking points. It’s hard to find otherwise don’t you think?

    • PCL Says:

      Well okay then.

      Yes you have been very successful thus far–but can you keep it up? (No pun intended) And you would do good to keep the likes of Peggy and Splash around. Peggy is probably the wittiest poster out there, and Splash is like a frickin encyclopedia–they bring balance to your blog. And, of course, you have Michelle and I.

      Your list is fine.

  3. cube1122 Says:

    Oh yeah, I have no shame. I fully admit I suck. So, since that’s the baseline, I can talk to myself and ask people nicely to be hookers don’t you think?

    Remember, this is the Cube Like A Virgin Tour.

    • PCL Says:

      Talk away, Cube. Oh, and I thought about that conversation you and I had on one of your other spots–about you getting back to fart jokes and such. Just for you, baby:

    • PCL Says:

      Cube, you don’t suck. I’m just giving you a hard time, your blog is doing great–but dammit get some wallpaper. Bruce would be nice. LOL

      I’m only put this link in for me. heh heh heh

  4. cube1122 Says:

    I’m an idiot. That much I know. Sometimes, a joke will stick. I mean, it’s Caleb and Pirates. I couldn’t ask for better material.

    Yeah, Everyone who posts here is kool and the pulp fiction cliche.

    Peggy is a riot. Splash is funny as all hell from the show. Ryan’s the midnight toker. Michelle is the leader of the fan club, however, she must battle the cakefart element at Political Machine. It’s cool.

    I’d love to rattle off some of those links b/c I like them, but, I guess I want to make this thing different. That’s why I tried the RPG with Barack. Or drawing the graph on Paint. But, I just hope people can just chill out and realize, we’re all in one big boat.

    It’s very Cartesian this internet thing. So, I believe in the theory of “Six Degrees of Separation.” Which is really five under some thoughts as an aside. So, I hope people who read this enjoy and pass it around like a good joint. Or, something to lighten the day.

    And with that, remember there is music to the right, still take requests, and, will leave you with this relaxing melody…

    • PCL Says:

      Geez Cube, who said you were an idiot? You’re absolutely funny as hell.

      Seriously, do this blog the way you want to–it’s your blog. You don’t need all kinds of links. Just add that one song of Bruce’s you FORGOT (Let’s Be Friends), and you’ll be aces in my book.

      It’s a fun blog–a nice relief from PM, it is just getting too crazy for my zen over there. This blog is exactly like a good joint, and do we need it after fighting the wars over there.

      • cube1122 Says:

        Who said? Cube did. For I must be the biggest idiot in the world if I only know that I don’t know much and there is more to know. Right? Admitting that would be idiotic.

      • PCL Says:

        Depends on who you are admitting it to.

        Your statement of admitting that you must be the biggest idiot in the world if you only know that you don’t know much and there is more to know, is more of a statement of your ignorance of that which you don’t know. However, if that which you claim you don’t know is, in fact, known to you and you are saying you are an idiot about it–then you are either indeed an idiot, or fully aware that your argument to prove otherwise is very weak.

        If one recognizes that there is always more to be learned about life and everything pertaining to it, one would not be classified as an idiot–but rather as a wise individual.

        That moment of true Zen, was brought to you by PCLBS–PCLBS, when only the best bullshit will do.

  5. Pundit Says:

    Too funny the Teabaggers busted by a DHS racist ID scam aimed at decreasing REP ideology…And It worked LMAO!

  6. cube1122 Says:

    Fuck these ballsuckers.

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