A Statistical Analysis On The Correlation Of A Pirate Population Increase And Gay Marriages


Additional Data:


Shame on you President Obama.  A true liberal saves pirates. Sellout!

You see, pirates are a distinct and insular minority — often overcompensating for their feminine side with bravado and parrots. Basically, pirates are pretty much gay.

Ergot, if we have more pirates, the number of gay marriages will go up. The more gay marriages, the more baby gay pirates. And, since Barack kills pirates, gay marriages will go down. Which makes sense since he is in favor of civil unions. Therefore, President Obama once again is a proven bigot, not a liberal, and totally not cool for gay rights.


And I don’t give a fuck what anyone says.  My news comes from Indy.  No really.  It does.  Up yours South Park Blog.


11 Responses to “A Statistical Analysis On The Correlation Of A Pirate Population Increase And Gay Marriages”

  1. PCL Says:

    LMAO, Cube where do you come up with this shit? This is too damn funny.

  2. cube1122 Says:

    PCL! Thanks! Check out the Update I’m about to post.

    I don’t know how to vote for Indecision in the Webbys, but, they’re up for one. And, I’m willing to pop a cap in someone’s ass to see they get it.

    Wait for the update…

  3. cube1122 Says:

    UPDATE: Click on “It Does.” Honestly PCL, I come up with this because Dennis DiClaudio of Comedy Central’s Indecision challenged me to prove this theory. Which of course, I have.

    That being said, I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from the writers over there. What they don’t tell you is, if you like writing and laughing, they teach you for free. Now, the might tell you how disturbing a concept that is, but, trust me, it’s true. And, I like to learn. Lurning is good.

    Jon Stewart’s line as to how he’s not influential and is just a “comedian” is not true. No. Indy’s like a hub for higher and lower learning that is second to none. I don’t know if you remember the radio show where I discussed how to attack Barack with blue comedy. After that, one of the bestest and dirtiest jokes I’ve seen came out over there. I couldn’t articulate it at the time of my show (I think I made some crack about Barack’s Cock being the size of an Anaconda) but sure enough, they did it the best…


    That’s how I view my time on Indecision. A urinate on yourself learning experience.

    Anyhoo, check it out… they wrote an article about this article after I read their article. How fucking cool is that.


    For everyone: If you don’t read Indy every day, truly, you are missing out on the best thing on the web. Period. Not just b/c they popped this article today, but, I’ve been reading them for a while now. They just get it. And, the writing, the actual writing, is unparalleled.

  4. Michelle Says:


    you make my brain squeal….

    • cube1122 Says:

      Thanks Michelle. I’m not shy. I’m gonna swing my blog whore purse around in the Red Light District. Political Machine. I wish I knew how to use the Dig Dug Device.

  5. PCL Says:

    Cube, you future celebrity you! Ya know, I remember when you first started commenting on the blogs, I gave you the compliment that you were like Jon Stewart (another fine Jewish man)–the compliment still stands. We are so proud of you, are we not, Michelle? And look Michelle, when he gets to the ‘big time’, you will be able to say “I am the President of his fan club.” (snif, snif) I’m feeling a bit ver clempt. Talk amongst yourselves.

    • cube1122 Says:

      That is an incredibly sweet compliment. Far too kind. I do remember you mentioning that actually. Much better than the “you suck” I got this morning from this massive drug runner who deserves to have his testicles put in a vice.

  6. cube1122 Says:

    Innocent client.

  7. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    I’ve been arrested by the spell check police,
    they’re at the door now.

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