Pirates Dead, Captain Saved, Shark Interview At Eleven…

captainThree of four pirates were forced to walk the plank.  Yeah, they’re a little bit… DEAD.  Captain Phillips of Vermont has been saved.  Developing.. (Serendipitously, I did not foresee “interviewing” sharks all day let alone past eleven.  Freudian perhaps, but that was only a nod to Kentucky Fried Movie.  I’ll ask my Life Coach, Rawls)

Republicans are already somehow trying to spin this negatively towards Obama.  Please.  I actually have a copy of Red Planet’s gameplan before Captain Phillips was rescued.  I know they are using a Tea Bag Mind Control Device on this writer who is actually brilliant.  It must be.  He needs to come to Camp Obama to be reprogrammed.

From an illegal wiretap of Red Planet willfully transmitted in violation of law and not subject to sovereign immunity:

Dear Fellow Members of Red Planet:

As you know, Somalian Pirates have taken an American, A REAL AMERICAN, captive.  Obviously, this is Obama’s fault.  It must be.  It’s our job to point out President Obama’s failure on this piracy issue.  Although there appears to be a stalemate.

Not to worry Red Heads!  Our crack reporters are embedded off the southern tip of Africa so they can monitor what should be an overt operation for all to see.

Here’s our response:  If Obama saves the captain, blame Obama.  If Obama does not save the captain, blame Obama.

See you later with my tea bag,

Ruler of Red Planet

No.  Red Planet would never have a post-hoc line of reasoning used even in the most absurd of circumstances.  Would they?

They would.  If  Red Planet’s agenda is to win at all costs.  If their objective and conclusion must be Obama ought not be president.  Truf is not an issue.  Not losing is the only myopic lens they prefer you look through.  The only objective of Red Planet is President Obama’s failure — even in the face of something one cannot honestly assess blame or praise to because we are not privy to the covert operational plan.  This contrarian philosophy, while understandable as a method to win, does not vitiate the utter void in intellect.  Basically, this is total bullshit.

UPDATE:  PRESIDENT OBAMA HAD A STANDING “SHOOT TO KILL” ORDER DAYS AGO. Sorry if the Navy or NSA negligently fails to update Newt or Red Planet on the covert operational movement nanosecond by nanosecond.  That’s advanced Geraldo Rivera logic.  Simply, Red Planet should congratulate the President and move on to another day.  As have most conservatives who don’t want to remove yet another boot from their posterior.

I’m sorry.  Red Planet controls content on their alleged “blog.”  They admit to this.  So, we’re supposed to digest a negative slant on Obama with regard to a successful rescue operation by Navy S.E.A.Ls?  That somehow, Obama is lucky or “saved” by the circumstances in the middle of the fucking ocean and should be slighted negatively.  Guffaw.

What a joke.  Red Planet likes to refer to President Obama as a Socialist.  Given the amount of force fed cow puckeys, that place is one wretched cyber Gulag.  YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS! The name of the site starts with “Red” for Obama’s sake.  Just break out a sickle and hammer Red Planet!

But, that’s Red Planet’s stated goal.   To take down Barack at the expense of reality.  And truth.  And fairness.  And justice.  What’s fair is foul and what’s foul is fair.  The Truf won’t set them free.   Just ask Newt.

The Right is lucky to have Caleb. His style of writing is so persuasive, some are ready to make Obama walk a fucking gang plank for green lighting the rescue mission.  Wait.  I don’t know if it’s luck anymore.  I’m conflicted.  I’m kinda pissed.

There is so much delusional parasitic thinking at Red State, I’m fairly certain everyone ate bad acid.  The trailing trolls are endless.

A real man shakes Obama’s hand, tips his cap, and moves on to the next day.  Not Red Planet.  Red Planet is that little shit in the playground who only gets it when you beat the daylights out of him and then rub his face in the sandbox.   Give him a mouthful of dirt to digest.  Twice.   Not surprisingly, Planet stacks the deck to achieved its desired result — sniping at Obama in an attempt to riddle a great story on Easter Sunday.


119 Responses to “Pirates Dead, Captain Saved, Shark Interview At Eleven…”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for the good news update, Cube….praise America!!

    He’ll be the next hero splashed all over the media….we got Capn. Sully, now we have Capn Phillips…

    its good to be the Capn….

  2. cube1122 Says:

    Yes. It’s also great to not be a dead pirate. Arghhhhhhhhh. Swab the decks ya dead bastards.

  3. PCL Says:

    The only good pirate is Captain Jack Sparrow–I’d walk the plank for him any day! “But why is the rum gone?”

    Seriously, I am ecstatic over this–Obama was getting blamed for this already. Now what suckas?? Wonder if they’ll give him any credit now? LOL I made myself laugh with that one.

    Michelle, got your email my Texas sister–backatcha!

    Now back to my chocolate eggs and my pure sugar peeps!

  4. Caleb Says:

    Psh. If you are going to link to fallacy definitions you might be bothered to read, understand, and properly apply them.

    Or you might not. Whatever helps you keep scraping before your messiah.

  5. cube1122 Says:

    Psh. Your conclusion that is undesirable is B. Barack.

  6. cube1122 Says:


    From Attacking Faulty Reasoning by T. Edward Damer:
    “I can’t help but think that you are the cause of this problem; we never had any problem with the furnace until you moved into the apartment.” The manager of the apartment house, on no stated grounds other than the temporal priority of the new tenant’s occupancy, has assumed that the tenant’s presence has some causal relationship to the furnace’s becoming faulty.”

    In the wise words of Emeril and Tommy… BAM

  7. Mike Says:

    Come on Cube, Red State? The blog for right-wing nutters? Surely you can do battle with better.
    Or is there any better? These are neo’s after all.

  8. cube1122 Says:

    Actually, Caleb is a helluva a writer, so I don’t mind doing battle with him because he’s a good egg (Happy Easter). As to the rest of Red Planet, it’s a joke. Why anyone would go there for honest conservative dialog is beyond me.

    Yes, I was kicked off Red Planet. It’s a badge of honor. Tommy Christopher, writer at AOL, resigned before they cut him. A number of other readers have been and none know exactly why.

    However, I can tell you, as a writer from HuffPo noted, they make the gag reflex happen with many. And, this was before tea-bagging.

    Their goal is to take down Obama. By any pen stroke deemed necessary, they will argue something to reach that conclusion. On the one hand, you are correct, they are not worthy of a response here. However, the writer is so good (Caleb) others can be influenced. And, they should know what Red Planet is. I don’t think it fair to call them “right-wing nutters.” Simply, their M.O. is what it is. To win.

  9. Caleb Says:

    It’s funny how lefties think they are entitled to Red State. I guess it comes with the socialist territory. Private property doesn’t matter and everything is the state so …

    But at least Cube has a good radio show.

  10. cube1122 Says:

    As an aside, I find it ironic the logician I quoted is named “Damer.” I kind of just ate Red Planet philosophy. Tastes like chicken.

  11. cube1122 Says:

    I will tell everyone this, The Right is lucky to have Caleb. His style of writing is so persuasive, I was ready to make Obama walk a fucking gang plank for green lighting the rescue mission.

  12. Caleb Says:

    Gangplank? For a man caused disaster? I hardly see how something with such an innocuous and blameless phrase as its primary descriptor is something that could warrant gang planks.

    Green light schmeen light, btw. Go read the news. Obama said, after being begged for a week “OK fine, you can get closer, but don’t do anything unless he’s about to die”.

    Wow he’s like Patton, ain’t he? Captain made his move, Seals made the call, and Obama found out when they broke in on the dog toy shopping network broadcast with the alert.

    Oh, and here’s Cube’s show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Unusable-Signal

  13. PCL Says:

    Cube!! Shame on you! Such blasphemy about the Chosen One!

  14. PCL Says:

    Go Navy!!!

  15. cube1122 Says:

    Caleb, go read your boy Dave at AOL. Really, you are blaming then when neither blame nor praise is appropriate by your analysis. So, this proves my point. If you argue he cannot be praised, certainly he cannot be mocked negatively. Whooooopsie Caleb!

    He made a call about what to do in a novel scenario. I mean, really — a novel. Like, this pirate shit only happens in novels. When was the last time a President was confronted with a Pirate call (aside from Bush)? I mean, this doesn’t really happen. How about this Caleb: No matter how you spin, or twist, or use purty words to articulate a non-starter, you’ll never convince me. And, I think you should just praise him, and see him at work tomorrow.

    Instead, you take a tack where admittedly, is it not, your goal to attack Obama constantly. Even in a spot where a military operation was successful. C’mon. Maybe you should just take the Fifth. I’m not saying lavish him with some parade, but Christ man, it just proves my point.


  16. cube1122 Says:

    Hi PCL!

  17. PCL Says:

    Hi Cube. Thank goodness you wrote all of that–I thought for sure that lightening striking you where you live, was in your future.

    I read that article by Dave at AOL, as well as some of the comments. Unbelievable.

    I am coming to the conclusion that there is not one goddamn thing that Obama can do right. There is not one goddamn thing he can do to turn these people from their doom and gloom philosophies. His policies could return our economy and the world’s view of us back on the positive side, and it STILL would not be enough.

    But here’s the one thing I would caution them on: if in four years his policies do succeed in doing just what I said, not only will the right be out of luck for a return to the White House in 2012, but they will also have to face, at that time, exactly, what was really and truly behind their hate.

    Until then, whatever good Obama does, for them it just doesn’t matter.

  18. cube1122 Says:

    It just doesn’t matter. Woody the Wabbit. What I said to Caleb was a compliment. Of course his argument didn’t sway me. I was just commenting on how lucky the wrong is to have him.

  19. michelletx1962 Says:

    ok, seeing if I like this picture better…

  20. michelletx1962 Says:

    thats not it…

  21. PCL Says:

    Try, if you haven’t done it already, pushing the update profile button.

  22. michelletx1962 Says:

    I did that already…hubby said it could take a bit to update…

    he even said to give it a day…

  23. PCL Says:

    It worked here, Michelle. Yeah! Too much champagne today. Hope everyone had a most excellent Easter–I know I did! Now, what the hell were we talking about on this thread . . .

  24. cube1122 Says:

    Back on point everyone. Do yo all realize, the only thing I had written here before the Red Planet issue arose was that we saved the captain and killed the pirates? I wasn’t even talking about President Obama. Until reading the Res Planet piece.

    Take a step back. Why the vitriol? Man. This is a great day. That’s it. Happy Easter. I guess.

  25. michelletx1962 Says:

    I redid the whole process….

    yes, no, maybe?

    wait for it…wait…lol

  26. michelletx1962 Says:

    my bad, just trying to update my gavatar, but the old one sticks, Cube, any ideas as to what to do?

    I like my new pic much better…

  27. michelletx1962 Says:

    so, you see a different pic, PCL?

  28. michelletx1962 Says:

    maybe I need to toss my cookies…heheheh

  29. PCL Says:

    I see the new one here, Michelle–but not on the Daily Dose. WTF?

  30. cube1122 Says:

    Thanks. Look, the original intent of my article at Cube was simply that we killed the fucking pirates and saved the Captain. That was all. Then it morphed because I was honestly bothered, very much, by the tone at Red State. I wasn’t even thinking about Barack when I first wrote that. Honestly. Now I have reached some conclusions, but, it’s not as if I (or him) want some parade or to lavish him with flowers.

    Here’s what I wrote at PM in earnest in response to some crap.

    Is it possible to whistle a time out for a second. Yo, chill the fuck out. Whatever our differences are, these are the PM commenters here and that we all have in common. Separate the politics out for a second. It’s easy. I would say, look how we’re being controlled to be honest. Me too. All of us.

    We just killed some pirates and the S.E.A.L.s just saved the Cap. How sweet it that? On Easter Sunday no less. Fuck these pirates. Them, and their wooden pegs and shitty ass boats. Time to load these freighters with some .50 cal machine guns.

    Well, if any of you have some good stories of how this actually happened, please stop by. The article has morphed into a political one, and I’d rather learn how the SEALS did it. I’ve read some warped views, but, I’d like to hear the cool story….

    So, if you want, write it out and I’ll try to forward some thanks to some dudes I know serving. Thanks.

    I also meant what I said before, if you don’t like Barack, the smart and right thing to do is pat him on the back and say “well done.” Tommorows another day. With the utmost respect, I think Red State acted ln a manner I find to be just sad.

    I also have clients who serve or served in different branches. Friends and family as well. So, if you know people who want to send some shout outs, send them this way, and I will get the link up to the proper charities. It is important to support the military and have, a nice day without fighting and vitriol. The NAVY kicked ass. Let’s not forget we fucked up some pirates.

  31. PCL Says:

    Damn straight the Navy kicked ass–they always do. (Besides, what woman can resist those Navy whites?).

    Poor pirates–but that’s what happens when you fuck with the US Navy.

  32. michelletx1962 Says:

    I dunno PCL, the only place it shows up for me, is on the WordPress home page…

    odd indeed

  33. PCL Says:

    Now it’s showing up on completely on Daily Dose and on the comments here. The only place it’s not showing up is the ‘recent comments’ at the top of the home page here on Cube’s blog.

  34. cube1122 Says:

    See, what I learned today is to forget all the BS in between and just sometimes to sit back and revel in wasting pirates.

    How much fun is that? They’re PIRATES! C’mon. We have baseball teams making fun of the outdated mode of fighting. Even they suck.

    Like, we don’t have the Birmingham Bin Ladens. C’mon. They’re Pirates. Dead ones. I am proud to be an American. FU Dead Pirates.

    Michelle, on Tommy’s page, my fart logo doesn’t show and my link to this doesn’t either.


  35. Cherie Says:

    Well I am glad that Barak will be getting some kudos for this, but on the other hand shouldn’t we be doing someting with other countries to get rid of the pirates? It is my understanding that most of these pirates are somolian and the money that they collect for these kidnappings is a goodly portion of their country’s imports. Ransom money. Now correct me if I am wrong here, but there seems we could have a better way to help the somolians. Their government is loosly based clan law, but it is working, so there is no need for us to invade. The somolian currency is reasonabley stable, so health care is really our only tool.

  36. PCL Says:

    Cube, why don’t you put up your real picture (she asked with an evil grin) heh heh heh.

    If only those pirates would have been the likes of Jack Sparrow–I would have gladly traded places with that Captain.

    Seriously though, I am so damn proud of our Navy, more so than I already was.

  37. cube1122 Says:

    Hi Cherie,
    Thanks for stopping by. I agree. We have many concerns in Somalia aside from Pirates. I mean, I like the angle of saving a captain and wasting Pirates, but, you will see concern and care from President Obama with regard to the the people and better diplomacy.

    One thing Bush was excellent on was our relations with Africa if I’m not mistaken. His leadership in AIDS is virtually unparalleled. However, squishing this Pirate scum and sending them to Davey Jones Locker is cotton fucking candy. Love it. Love killing the bad guys. I’m sorta a Demohawk.

    Thanks for swinging by. How did you find this pit stop?

    @PCL: I am Jack Sparrow.

  38. RyboSlybo Says:

    Cheers to the Navy! Good on Obammy! Happy Easter to everybody else! Well… whats left of it!




  39. cube1122 Says:

    The only problem is, Somalia is really a clusterfuck. This brand of war is unprecedented.

  40. cube1122 Says:

    Happy Easter Ryan. Obama’s done good. SEALS! OUTSTANDING.

  41. RyboSlybo Says:

    Oh yeah! They went in there COD 4 style and eliminated the Pirate scum! Those Samali’s really have some balls. I guess they figured our new President would take it easy on them but found out otherwise! Nothing like a little Sniper action on Easter! Hopefully these bastards learned their lesson!


  42. cube1122 Says:

    Dude, you put it better than the HuffPo link up there. Yes, I’d like to see footage of this. I know this isn’t XBox. It’s wrong to think of it that way. But, is there merit to me enjoying watching a pirate meeting his demise?

    I’m sorry. But that shit would be tight. Obama should market that video game and stimulate the economy that way. And, if he does it with a virtual reality kit… the universe can be brainwashed overnight.

    We set the mind control devices not only in TV sets, but in Playstation 3’s and XBOX 360’s. Yeah. Before you know it, Barack is Emperor of the Galaxy. All because of a Pirate Video Game.


  43. Caleb Says:

    Dude! 43 comments on a blog less than a week old! NIIICE.

  44. cube1122 Says:

    Yo Caleb. You are the man. Check out our shared nergasmic video game. Pirates! Wasting Pirates on the beautiful beaches of Somalia. Fuck Yeah. Those pogo stick bastards are in for it.

  45. michelletx1962 Says:

    Today, was a good day, especially for the good Captain….matters now how he is making it home…what matters, is…he is going home, to his family, unharmed, and without ransom….thats pretty sweet!

    Sends a big ass message…


  46. Caleb Says:

    Well, don’t mess with the navy anway. Jury it out on no-showBama.

  47. Michelle Says:

    rolling eyes….

  48. PCL Says:

    Cube: You wish you were Jack Sparrow! LOL

    Caleb: I agree with you on one big ass thing, Caleb–don’t mess with the US Navy!

    Michelle: Ain’t it great???

  49. Michelle Says:

    Hey Cube!

    I read you over on Tommy’s…you said, you wanted to know the SEALS angle of this thing…

    I heard, from a friend of my husband, who was in the service, that they have sites, that can see through hard surfaces….so, once the identified which return was the Capt….then it was like shooting fish in a barrel…thru the boat…bap…down one, bap down 2 bap down 3 almost symo.

    we got some freakieawesome toys man…

    I live near a no longer airforce base…but its still operational…its where our TAG was located, f16’s, they moved out…and now, its all drones…flown from here, but can be around the world…amazing…

    I love the AF…married an AF brat…so, I have my loyalities…but my cuz is an officer in the Navy, so much pride there as well…

    my heart is bursting with pride today…fine day to be an American…

  50. Splash Says:

    Great post, Cube. I am growing tired of those that would attack The Big O for just about anything. I wonder if they are a subset of those that attacked W regardlesss if action/inaction. Or are they actually, just the other side.

    Funny thing. On Easter, I listened off and on as I was in and out of my car to Monica Crowley rant and rave about how The Big O was having Pizza Parties while Richard Phillips was bobbing for his life. She took particular offense at the NY Times story that seemed to take glee in the limits of the US Military against a stateless government employing assymetrical tactics. I’m sure it was a replay of a show earlier this, but no sooner did the replay end that FOX News Radio reported the rescue and made her look like an idiot.

    If you attack for every little thing, it only serves to water down legitimate criticism.

    The Big O made a great call, but seriously, it was a no brainer. 5 Arrrrghs in a dingy vs the US Navy; Maybe Carter would have flubbed it up, but if you put your trust in the US Military and let them do their work, that president will usually come out on top.

    Just like the surge, the escalation against Captain Hook worked brilliantly and the President deserves credit.

  51. Splash Says:

    Cube –

    I don’t know if they are “JUST PIRATES”. I think the mission here is far beyond the collection of booty. They are Somalian (or were), they are Muslim, they are violent, they still hold hostages (over 3 dozen), they have commited 40 attacks and amassed over $130 million.

    My Capatain Hook comment aside, until we know what they are doing with that money, I would be hard pressed to labelled THEM pirates even though their methods are piratous.

  52. Splash Says:

    That’s over 60 attacks THIS YEAR.

  53. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for the update, Cube…I like your style!!

    SPLASH!!! my friend!!! good to see you here!

    spread your wisdom to some of the ilkheads on PM please!! They need a good example to follow!

  54. Michelle Says:

    UPDATE: PRESIDENT OBAMA HAD A STANDING “SHOOT TO KILL” ORDER DAYS AGO. Sorry if the Navy or NSA negligently fails to update Newt or Red Planet on the covert operational movement nanosecond by nanosecond. That’s advanced Geraldo Rivera logic. Simply, Red Planet should congratulate the President and move on to another day. As have most conservatives who don’t want to remove yet another boot from their posterior.

    this part reminds me of Geraldo’s map in the sand, when our Troops were taking Iraq from the desert….he told the whole damned world, where what who and when, just right there, in the sand…stupid ass.

    This was a great execution of very well planned out strats…Obama gave the Navy, the green light to act accordingly as to what they were seeing…

    good job all around.

  55. PCL Says:

    Love the Navy! I know, you’re an AF girl–they’re pretty awesome too. Got a cousin presently in the AF, we are all so proud of him. But for the most part, Navy people abound in our family. Dad was just tickled pink yesterday with the Navy’s outstanding job. You would have thought he was heading the operation–at near 90 years old no less. (lol)

    I remember Geraldo’s clusterfuckup in the sand–what a douche he was, and still is.

    Obama continues to impress the hell out of me–like I have said many times, it is like watching Michael Jordan play basketball. Pure diciplined, and rational thought. What a change indeed.

  56. PCL Says:


    Though I agree with you that Obama deserves all the credit, I have to respectfully disagree with you on the ‘no-brainer’ remark. I don’t think this was a no-brainer, at all. Sure we have superior fire power, but all it would have taken was one bullet from the Jack Sparrow wannabes, to the head of that Captain to turn this thing into a political frenzy against Obama. Hell, look how the right are handling the success of the operation, now just imagine if it had failed.

    That being said, I for one, am not thinking that Obama gave much thought as to what the right was going to think should it fail–I think he was giving more thought to the life of Captain Phillips should it fail.

  57. PCL Says:

    Everyone wants to be Jack Sparrow!

  58. cube1122 Says:

    Thanks to all who visited this blog on its Like A Virgin Tour. Dang. We got more hits than Chong with a big bag of dope.

    That being said, I am still shocked at how… unstable, the attacks are from the right. The fringe. There is absolutely no merit to those who would, in any way, spin this issue negatively towards Obama. As I’ve written, I don’t think we should lavish Obama with praise and a rusty trombone parade (that’s what disciples of Red Planet and Glen Beck do for other reasons), however, a tip of the cap would be nice. Either that or shut the fuck up. The conservatives who try to slam Obama with a straight face are lying to you.

    That’s right, I said it. They are being intellectually dishonest with you. Why? Their emotional desire to remove Obama in four years clouds their judgment. Flat out, I don’t believe them.

    Obama is our Commander in Chief. Guess what he did? His job. To a fucking tee. And, he deserves praise to that extent. Of course Obama downplays this. What’s he supposed to do, shout “I’m the man! I ordered the hit of three Pirates?” C’mon.

    Any reasonable, rational creature will find negative attacks to be utter baloney. In court today, from judges to lawyers to criminals to jurors, everyone talking about the pirates were only talking about one thing. Dead Pirates.

    No one. No one in the real world, the dreaded physical world, even argues the shit on Red Planet or the garbage Mark I. writes at PM.

    The web causes tunnel vision. For those who have taken a negative track, I apologize for the harsh words. Simply, you don’t get it. You never will. That’s why you’re in the fringe. Taint is more like it.

    But, Caleb has a defense. He’s my friend. And, I forgive my friends when they are wrong. I forgive you Caleb. Sorry to have exposed your bowels here. Hee hee.

  59. PCL Says:

    LMAO! Cube–I just love how you are with your friends. No seriously, I do. That is a good philosophy to have with friends, and it is really the only way to keep friends sometimes–well, actually all the time.

    As for the rest of your post–good shit. Really good.

  60. cube1122 Says:

    Thank you PCL.

    Honestly, it was sort of difficult dismantling Red Planet’s disciple on a personal level. I couldn’t disagree more with him. However, the truth on Caleb is he’s an excellent person and when it comes down to it, he knows I’d take a bullet for him and could give a shit about this at the end of the day. Yo (ho ho). WE’RE TALKING ABOUT FUCKING PIRATES HERE! PIRATES!

    Further, as a strategy, the “Up Yours Obama Pirate” argument is weak. Even if by some stretch of the imagination there was merit to it, a scintilla of reasonability to the argument, you don’t make it.

    In fact, if I were say, a hired mouthpiece for Red Planet or any conservative taking this path of delusion, I would advise congratulating Obama. Go overboard with it. (sheesh).

    Why? You gain credibility for the future arguments yet to come. Republicans can cite to precedent of their support of Barack here.

    It would have been so easy. This is such an easy issue to give a “hat tip” to Barack to or a pat on the back. “Good job.” Instead, we are offered this?

    In a way, the above argument is silly in that, if that’s all they could congratulate Obama on, something odd and irrational must be buried in their psyche. It’s just not how you win arguments. However, here is a moment in history “conservatives” (I quote that because this line of thinking is anything but conservative — it is irrational extremism on wheels) are on the record for bashing Obama on his handling of Pirates. Where we killed the Pirates. And saved the American Captain. Great argument.

    They pissed away credibility for no reason. Myopic is not a word. They are LOST. 4 8 15 16 23 42

    Why should anyone ever listen to Red Planet or faux Conservatives who make this point? Why? Only the fringe will buy this. In fact, this has the potential to lose people who are turned off by…. OBVIOUS CRAZY SOUNDING BULLSHIT.

  61. Michelle Says:

    Rather disappointing isn’t it, Cube…

    I mean, how long do they really think, some of the American people will buy into the obvious line of tripe…

    sure some will, and they too will join the fray of the fringe…I just hope that the folks that straddle the fence, are able to pull themselves from the ilk in time to avoid permanent brain damage..

  62. Michelle Says:

    Oh and a little sumsumin….bonbon told me the other nite, that is always right about all things Obama…lol

    I just had to pass that forward…

    Also, I think I had a run in with our MissM as LadyLuck in bloghell that is PM….lol

    I swear that had to be her…all freakinchurchy and everything…

  63. Michelle Says:

    she, not is

  64. cube1122 Says:


  65. cube1122 Says:


  66. PCL Says:


    Loved the ‘straddled fence’ comment above, by the way. (LOL)

    I thought Miss M went by mahalapril or something like that–it REALLY sounded like her!

  67. PCL Says:

    I really can’t believe that people are using this very heroic situation to make their case against Obama. Where is the logic and reasoning in that?? You are certainly correct in that the rights’ tack on this situation will bring into question their credibility in future arguments against Obama. They are quickly becoming the proverbial ‘boy who cried wolf’.

    I don’t know about giving Splash a tax-cut–but the taxes I just paid better be going to someone or something worthy, otherwise, I’m pissed!!! If I had my way, it would definitely be going to the Navy!

  68. Peggy Says:

    Hi folks, is Lady Luck really Miss M? Think she’s one of the few I went serious with on Christianity VS freedom of religion.

    Cube and all, hope we’re still friends after this comment. I think the fringe elements on the right AND on the left are emotionally dishonest. Anyone who can say with a straignt face that President Obama (or insert any Dems name here) is always right or President Bush (or insert any Repubs name here) is always wrong doesn’t live in the same country that I do.

    I believe President Obama handled this piracy mess in the best and only way available to him. He gave the order to “fire when ready” as the CIC. Then, from what I’ve read and heard, he backed off and left the place, time and method to the experts and those who actually put their lives on the line for all of us every day. I saw that as tacit acknowledgement that action was necessary, he had the authority to give the order but knew he did not have the knowledge to run the day to day operation.

    I have a lot of respect for anyone who does what is necessary to the best of their ability while admitting they have some limitations. Realistically, who among us can be a military tacitician (spelling??), economist, social worker, teacher and all the many hats the leader of any country wears. Yet this is exactly what some people expect.

    Having said that, I salute the President and our brave warriors for bringing the Captain safely home and, hopefully, teaching other wannabe pirates that messing with the USA comes at a high price.

    I’ll continue to praise any President when it is warranted and criticize when it seems necessary. To me, the fact that I can do that is the beauy of our country.

    Love y’all. (Am I still invited to call back next week, Cube? )

  69. Michelle Says:

    LOL Peggy, Im just sayin!!!

    the rhetoric is very simular….of course there is no way I can know for sure,just amazes me that there can be so many with her frame of mind…but then again…Im finding out alot about the right on these blogs…

    and I for one say YES, let Peggy call back in this week!!

    and, we love you too, Peggy!!


  70. Splash Says:

    PCL Says:
    April 13, 2009 at 2:22 pm | Reply

    PCL –

    I said The Big O deserves credit. I never said “ALL”. Our Navy boys deserve most of it. All The Big O had to do is say “GO.” I have to commend him as it seems that he did not try to play General, but left the planning and execution (no pun intended) to the men in uniform who know what they are doing.

    I would say that Capt Phillips should get a lot of credit too for his own rescue. His actions were probably what kept a bullet out of his head.

    There will always be a certain part of the right (and it is not all of the right) that negative spin on The Big O regardless of outcome. Just as there was a certain part of the left that was that way with W. I fell that it all hinges on bitterness from the election loss. I heard one leader of the left (I think it was Dean, but I could be wrong) after The Big O won the general election claim that it was good, but did not even come close to making up for Bush v Gore 2000.

    As for what The Big O thinking, I respectfully disagree. I am sure The Big O was thinking of the hostage’s life, to be sure, but I doubt very seriously that The Big O did not seriously consider how he would look to, not just the right, but everyone: the military, the world, Queen Pelosi, his party and, of course, the public. I do think that The Big O mirrors Bill Clinton in this way very much. All the world is a stage. That’s smart politics and I don’t fault him for that. The only time that is bad is if appearance is the only goal, with results being secondary and/or irrelevant.

    In this case a man’s life was saved. Kudos to The Big O.

    I also do not share Cube’s view that these are “Just Pirates”. These men are after more than just a little booty and they are not just in it for the laughs. There motives are far more devious and fit right into the present state of world affairs.

  71. PCL Says:

    Damn Peggy, if I was a guy–I’d say it was love. LOL That was well said and spot on, as I have come to expect from you.

    You damn well better come back next week! You are a welcome addition to what is, usually, a happy crowd.

    And some people, no names, had better wake up for next week show!! (lol)

  72. Splash Says:

    cube1122 Says:
    April 13, 2009 at 4:57 pm | Reply


    Now, Cube. You know FREE thinkers like me cannot be brainwashed. You can hook me up to the digital box, plug me in to CNN, wrap my head in tin foil and whisper sweet nothings in my ear and I will still break the MATRIX of O-botics.

  73. PCL Says:

    Hi Honey,

    My opinion still stands, but that’s not to say he didn’t think at all about the political ramifications, hence the word ‘much’ instead of the word ‘no’.

    As for the word ‘ALL’, my mistake–and you’re right on that. I know, I know–now you’re just all shits and giggles, right? LOL

    And I make no excuses for the asses on the left or right. W deserved a lot of the criticism, but he deserves some credit for some of the things he did. What they are, escapes me. Seriously, they do. Dean is an ass, what can one say beyond that?

    As for the pirates, well isn’t piracy the main occupation in Somalia? What other industry do they have? I’m sure they are doing some pretty awful shit with the money they are amassing.
    Nuke em. Follow that with Napalm. Too much?

  74. cube1122 Says:

    @Peggy: I happen to agree with what you said. Now, an exaggeration of the left as a joke can be found above in the Pirate! The Video Game. No one gets that but me… (shhh.. it’s satire showing the stupidity of the extremists who think others think Barack was the actual shooter… sigh). Oh well. As I said, this is what he supposed to do and did a damn fine job. His job. And, it’s nice to see our military do a few Pirates. There is a larger issue of piracy and how to deal with it, but not for now. The view from extremists on the right is pretty absurd. And, it needs to be called out. Especially on a leading conservative blog known as Red State Tea Bagging Rusty Trombone Planet.

  75. cube1122 Says:

    Oh yeah Peggy,
    Of course you can come and participate. Since opening up this place, I haven’t been on PM as much. Like even Brian Simpson has heard of this shithole I call my blog. Simpson Eh? And then you have staples like Michelle and PCL. I can’t believe the amount of traffic this rag has gotten. Ha!

    It’s cool meeting all these people. It’s also fun on the “radio.” Do you know how dumb the concept of the radio show is? It’s an internet show, about blogs, who comment on other blogs and people, who comment on politicians, who speak for the people. Allegedly.

    • Peggy Says:


      Don’t think I congratulated you on this blog or your radio show. So, “Congrats”.

      The amount of traffic is pretty amazing. Seems like you finally discovered the ultimate opiate for the masses.

  76. Splash Says:

    I respect your opinion, but the fact that W’s accomplishments escape you (no really) is evidence that the tactic of All Out Attack works. If that be so, then you can hardly fault The Big O’s critics for employing it. That would be, as you once told me, politics.

    As for Somalia, it is not the best, but it is certainly not the worst. In fact, with a little freedom, it could be a lot better.

    From my favorite source:

    Natural resources include: uranium and largely unexploited reserves of iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, salt, natural gas, likely oil reserves

    GDP of $5.524 billion (2008 est.) with an annual growth of 2.6% (I believe that is currently better than ours.

    Here is an overview of the Somalian economy. Check the last few lines for danger signs:

    Despite the lack of effective national governance, Somalia has maintained a healthy informal economy, largely based on livestock, remittance/money transfer companies, and telecommunications. Agriculture is the most important sector, with livestock normally accounting for about 40% of GDP and about 65% of export earnings. Nomads and semi-pastoralists, who are dependent upon livestock for their livelihood, make up a large portion of the population. Livestock, hides, fish, charcoal, and bananas are Somalia’s principal exports, while sugar, sorghum, corn, qat, and machined goods are the principal imports. Somalia’s small industrial sector, based on the processing of agricultural products, has largely been looted and sold as scrap metal. Somalia’s service sector also has grown. Telecommunication firms provide wireless services in most major cities and offer the lowest international call rates on the continent. In the absence of a formal banking sector, money transfer/remittance services have sprouted throughout the country, handling roughly $2 billion in remittances annually. Mogadishu’s main market offers a variety of goods from food to the newest electronic gadgets. Hotels continue to operate and are supported with private-security militias. Somalia’s arrears to the IMF continued to grow in 2008. Statistics on Somalia’s GDP, growth, per capita income, and inflation should be viewed skeptically.

    I’m sure you were joking, but like drugs hand an riskier, but better standard of living to some over here, the same (I guess) may be true with piracy over there.

    The problem is more the oppression of yet another Sunni Muslim world. This and the fact that these “Pirates” are obviously violent (not nearly the charming type that Jack Sparrow is) is an obviously dangerous combination. There money, no doubt is being siphoned of for terrorist activity (just an opinion).

    This would certainly account for the average life expectancy just shy of 50, along with disease (water contamination, poor public works, etc)

    Of course, as good as things could be in Somalia, were we to nuke ’em, napalm them or just plain put the curse of the Black Pearl on ’em, they would never be as good as the French! NEVER!!

  77. cube1122 Says:

    No love for the Grateful Dead post huh…

    So… If the video game has tax cuts, weed, umm… Bruce, immunity, and protests about Barack killing Pirates, you’d post there?

  78. RyboSlybo Says:


    I saw a video on the snipers taking out the Pirates. I’ve got no link but it was as cool as my beautiful Hookah! I could not believe the circumstances for which the Navy Seals snipers had to make those shots! They are on a boat moving with the waves while the Pirates are on a boat moving with the waves and they shot them through a windshield which gave them low visibility! Fucking amazing! I wish I was that good of a shot! Damn good shoot Seals! Making us proud!

    Oh BONG!

  79. cube1122 Says:

    Yo Splash,

    I agree there are larger issues than re: Somalia aside from Pirates. Of course. What tactic to take? I don’t know. Quite honestly, the only thing I know is there are bigger fish to fry over there than this. What that is, I’m not sure.

    I don’t really rag on Bush. I kinda look at him with a sympathetic eye who was manipulated. Look at what a Dick Cheney is. Not hanging with him at the reunion. Talking smack. Bush is better than that. Always felt he was sorta used. It is what it is.

  80. cube1122 Says:

    Yo, you gotta get that link Ryan.

  81. Splash Says:

    Cube –

    I think you have to view the Somalian Pirates as a rouge supporter of terrorism. If they are not now, it cannot possibly be long before their Sunni Muslim brethren take note of that $130 million, no? What would it take to bring them on board and officially call them the Al Qaeda Naval Force?

    W was misunderstood in a lot of ways, dumb in SOME ways (although most of that was just Texas speak). I think the benefits of some of his actions may never be realized once we pull out of iraq (if indeed we do). I think he thought we would be dueling with Iran a lot sooner. We will surely duel with Iran, but I think they will let us go home first.

    As far as people hating Bush, that is the problem with leading from the center; Nobody is happy. The Big O, although I don’t like it and it may not even be his own doing (credit Queen Pelosi) is most definitely leading from the left and, in so doing he will make at least half the pop happy.

    But a new Washington? If The Big O really intended to “Not just change Washington, but change the way Washington works” well then it only points more clearly to his naivety. Of course, I don’t think that was his intention. At all. I don’t think he intended to go so left either. I will call that an unintended consequence of poly sci.

  82. PCL Says:

    No, the reason I don’t know what Bush’s accomplishments are is because I didn’t keep up with every little thing that he did or didn’t do at the time he was or wasn’t doing them, nor am I going to run to Google to find out what he did or didn’t do that was good or bad for the country. But I know this–he left office while the shit was literally hitting the fan economically, while two wars started under his watch were still going on, while people were losing jobs and homes. And even after all that, I would still absolutely love to have a beer with the guy, and like I said before–for myself, I don’t even like beer.

    As for Obama’s critics, I don’t agree with everything he proposes, but, as I have told you time and time again–I am waiting to see how his proposals pan out. True, criticism is part of politics, but the criticism I’m seeing at PM is irrational at least, and at most something people don’t like to talk about. So I won’t.

    Thanks for the info on Somalia–and I agreed with you about the money, I just didn’t put a name to it as you did.

    And, IMHO, nobody is as good as the French.

  83. RyboSlybo Says:

    OK… This is not the same video I saw on TV today but close enough… gives you a good idea of what a difficult shoot this was. Yet all three targets were head kills! Damn!




    you know the rest… ; )

  84. PCL Says:

    By the way, nice Grateful Dead header. (snicker snicker) You know some nice Bruce wallpaper would REALLY be nice. I would love it anyway. Or perhaps a background of a deserted tropical island–calm, serene. Something, anything would be better than the plain ol white walls in this place!!

    And you know, I did thank you for those Bruce tunes. I would post anywhere Bruce is–just ask him. (LOL)

  85. PCL Says:

    Yes, Ryan–get that link. I would love to see that.

  86. Michelle Says:

    Not to break the thread,

    but…it will…about the Easter celebration today at the WH, several Gay Families were invited…why did they feel the need, to give only those families, rainbow leis?

    I know it may seem petty, but…its like a scarlet letter or something, isn’t it?

  87. PCL Says:

    Didn’t the dog get one too, Michelle?

  88. Michelle Says:

    yep, PCL, he did…

    just wondering, why the felt the need to distinguish those familes differently…maybe there was a special reception with them…and it was a traditional Hawi. welcome…I dunno…

  89. PCL Says:

    LMAO! Michelle. The Lei greeting!

  90. Michelle Says:


  91. PCL Says:


    Okay here is one thing Bush did TRY to do right, and it is a shame he couldn’t succeed (and don’t I feel like an ass considering I just posted this on PM this past weekend):

    My question about that link is this, if Bush was warning about it, why didn’t the Republican dominated Congress at the time follow his lead? I yield to your superior knowledge on this (really).

    Oh, and I thought going to Afghanistan was the right thing to do, too bad he didn’t let the boys finish the job.

    And, of course, I really think he made superstars out of my boys Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

    How’s that for fairness? Did I mention I wanted to have a beer with him, and that I don’t even drink beer? (I’d have him drinking Pinot Noir in no time)

  92. Splash Says:

    Good dig. I’ve posted this video before. The story was a good one for the Lame Stream Media. I always did like Brit; he is the best of the lot.

    The answer to your question starts at about the 2:20 mark. A lot of people think that the Republicans had a stronghold on the Congress from 1994-2006 and especially under W. The reality is that they did not have the fillibuster proof majority that liberals now enjoy. All legislative attempts to regulate GSEs were blocked by a solid block of liberal solidarity led by Barney Frank and Chuck Schumer. The same people who attacked Bush and McSame for loose regulation and, as Queen Pelosi put it, the “Anything Goes Policies of THIS Administration” are the same ones that blocked regulation of F & F over and over again.

    Why did they do this: corruption, pure and simple. They were making money off of it. Frank even says it in the video: An increase in regulation will mean a decrease in ‘Affordable” Housing. That word ‘Affordable” is a misnomer in the worst order and the crux of the financial melt down that the Lame Stream Media was more than willing to let fall on W’s and Republican shoulders.

    And those who are to blame are now controlling the purse strings and doing relatively the same thing with Mortgage Salvation except they are letting the banks take the hit with reduced interest and principle. Reduced interest I get, BUT PRINCIPLE?? That is just money that will never be recovered. Aren’t the banks in enough trouble already?

    I know you want to wait and see and it looks like neither of us can stop that train anyway, but I am of the opinion that the current financial situation was a product of “wait and see” at the hands of liberals lead by Frank & Schumer that did no less than what The Big O is doing right now.

    Let me be fair, there were MRs that could have cared less to stand up and fight (bunch of pussies). At the end of your video it says “fearing” that they did not have the votes to pass regulation, Republicans didn’t even bring it to the floor. Looks like everyone was willing to “wait and see” and look where it got us. And now, when they matter the least, Republicans want t unify and stand up to liberal policy? They are much more the laughing stock now than they were then.

    How’s that for fair? I say we melt them all down, libs and MRs, mix them together in a sort of political stew, put them in the back of the frig and forget about them until it is time to toss ’em. But that’s just me.

    Re: Pirates, W was moving for an African initiative that would set up US military camp in the region. This part of Africa is very involved in Radical Muslim terror activity, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan are all havens. In this effort W was blocked by both our liberal Congress and the UN; go figure.

    Bottom line,the effort by Liberals and the Lame Stream Media to criticize every single little thing that W did, with or without cause, worked. So you really cannot fault Republicans for using the already proven tactic.

    As Cube would say, two wrongs don’t make a right, but that is easy to say when liberals were already permitted to commit their wrong and, as a result, currently have the upper hand. Were things the other way around, I am sure two wrongs would be just fine with liberals; just fine.

    One more thing: Beer With Bush! Do I see bumper sticker creation in your future? Hidden talents should be capitalized upon.

    • PCL Says:

      What dig? I was sincere in posting that video–I’ve done it twice now, just ask Pundit. I never saw that video until the other day, I posted it on PM asking Pundit his thoughts on it. I was giving Bush his due. (Sheesh! Ya just can’t please some people)

      The reason I ‘want’ to wait and see has more to do with the acceptance that I really don’t have a choice, than anything else. The Republicans back then, did have a choice, they just lacked balls.

      I’m fine with melting all of them down–I have been quite vocal about getting rid of ALL of Congress (except that dear Bernie Sanders). So we agree there.

      My understanding of Bush’s initiative about piracy, was that it was left for Obama to review, isn’t that what Mark Impoleni’s article says today at PM? I agreed with Bush’s policy, now it’s just wait and see what Obama does with it.

      Bottom line: I didn’t criticize every little thing that Bush did. In retrospect he screwed up on A LOT of things. I didn’t get that from the MSM, I got it from the history that his administration is now. I have admitted he did a few things right, you seem to want to absolve him from everything he did wrong–or rather justify it. That’s fine by me.

      I leave the fighting of ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ to Cube.

      I refuse to comment on your last paragraph other than to say, I refuse to comment on it.

  93. Splash Says:

    Speaking of sheesh! By “good dig” I meant, way to dig for info! I knew you were kiving kudos to W for it. Now read it with that in mind and you will see that I was thanking you for your fairness.

    Then I just answered your question. Maybe I need to wear a white hat so you don’t always think I’m trying to take your head off. I said I had seen that video before and it was a primary backup for what I have been saying all along: Although Republicans didn’t do enough, the financial crisis was rooted in liberalism and yet the Lame Stream Media allowed the left to use it as their October surprise to win the White House. Thus, good dig.

    Sure W did some good things. He also did some bad. I probably can’t name them all, but I can name a lot of both. Bottom line, W doesn’t matter much anymore. It is the here and now that matters. What is The Big O going to do. So far he has knocked off Captain Hook and a few of his goons. In the interim he hopped the globe apologizing to anyone who would listen. Now, that doesn’t mean that he is doing other things behind the scenes (time will tell), but I don’t like the way it makes US look. That’s why taking out a dingy of pirates, little feat though it was, was both encouraging and commendable.

    I’m hoping a little positive reinforcement goes a very, very, VERY long Long LONG way … because it needs to and it needs to quick. Danger doesn’t just lurk in this world; it is growing.

    • PCL Says:

      LOL. I just love it when you talk to me in that tone, honey. LOL.

      Maybe if you wouldn’t word things in a manner that makes you appear to be always trying to take off my head, I wouldn’t feel that way. So there.

      I totally agree with your entire post, how’s that? So, what do I win?

  94. Splash Says:

    PS – If you care to google Bush/Africa/terrorism you will find that Bush was quite active (and revered) in Africa. It was a big focus in the fight against terrorism (a fight that Bush always reminded was global, even to John Kerry in 2004) as far back as early 2003. If there is one real undeniable bright spot in W’s presidency it was his work in Africa. Next is his tax cuts and the economic resilience it created up until the current financial crisis (something he really had little to do with let alone much control over).

    On the flip side, I don’t like how W handled the current financial fiasco any more than I like how The Big O is handling it. I didn’t like his spending habits (but he was not alone in that regard) just like I don’t like The Big O’s spending habits (although he is not alone in that regard, he could be). I did not like W’s support for “Comprehensive” Immigration Reform, particularly since it left us with nothing but still porous borders. I thought the Dubai ports deal was over blown, but still a bone headed move. Further, he was weaker on war than I would have liked (a reason so many Conservatives were not happy and drove his approval ratings through the floor). Had he began the surge 1-1/2 years earlier, he could have moved on to Afghanistan a lot sooner and cleaned things up there like he ultimately did in Iraq.

    God and bad. I remember most. But he is the past and history will not have fully played out on him for quite some time. Current history of him just can’t be trusted since it is riddled with hate. The same will be true of The Big O whether he is done in 4 years or is granted 8 by coin flippers (among others) like me.

    • PCL Says:

      That is one massive PS. I did hear (or was it read, no matter) that Bush did some good in Africa concerning AIDS–don’t quite remember what it was.

      I did not support his tax cuts–it went against my basic math rules. I know, that is so naive–but that is how I have always conducted my financial affairs personally and in my business, and it has always worked.

      And you know how I feel about the whole immigration thing. As for moving on to Afghanistan, he wouldn’t have had to do that if he would have finished there in the first place instead of going to Iraq. And it is ‘hardly cleaned’ up in Iraq–it’s still a clusterfuck over there.

      But you’re right again, he is the past. Obama is the present and possibly the future. And I just know what that just did for you LOL.

  95. Splash Says:

    PCL Says:
    April 14, 2009 at 7:35 pm | Reply

    LOL. I just love it when you talk to me in that tone, honey. LOL.

    Maybe if you wouldn’t word things in a manner that makes you appear to be always trying to take off my head, I wouldn’t feel that way. So there.

    I totally agree with your entire post, how’s that? So, what do I win?

    Name your prize! You deserve it.

  96. PCL Says:

    Heh heh heh!

  97. Splash Says:

    Yes, that PS dun got away from me!

    If you don’t remember then just google it. It was a lot more than AIDS although, I read one story that said even The Big O would have a hard time outdoing W in that category.

    W’s tax cuts worked and were not just for the wealthy. If anyone knows that it would be me. Under normal circumstances(like in a familly business) your math would work, but in the goivernment you lower taxes and revenues increase; Just ask the state of New York or, say, California. In fact look at the cities and states that are in the most financial trouble and then look at the make up of their government – LIBERAL! TAX-LOVERS!!

    And Iraq is not a cluster fuck any more. Is it Disney World(Land)? No and it never will be, but it is cleaned up.

    And FYI, we were done in Afghanistan before we went to Iraq; we just didn’t catch Bin Laden. The resurgence of the Taliban only recently started (within the last two years) with Al Qaeda cutting and running from Iraq. It would have happened eventually. Just like the Sandanistas in Central America; goons always try to regain their power. Good thing we were not ll the way back home from Iraq so we wouldn’t have to do a full deployment instead of just some reassignment, huh?

    True W is in the past, but liberals cannot rewrite history without constantly bring him up, so I guess we will have to get use to it. The Big O in our future; he gets 8 years max. Will he be granted that long? As my good friend PCL says — Let’s wait and see.

    Americans are a fickle lot.

    • PCL Says:

      Aww come on–you know I don’t Google. I’ll take your word for it, you would never lie to me. Would you?

      Now don’t get me started on the California State Board of Equalization–my current nemesis.

      I disagree on Iraq. As for Afghanistan, we didn’t get Osama, so it was a job unfinished (IMHO). If we would have completely finished the job there (like nuking them) we wouldn’t have to be worrying about full deployment or reassignments to there. Just the occasional weed puller.

      Well of course Liberals will constantly bring W up–how else did they come to power without him and the Republican party? There is no need to rewrite history, it is what it is.

  98. Splash Says:

    Not intentionally anyway, but I am not infallible. I know … stop before you choke.

    And I wish you would get started on your current nemesis, the CA Board of “Equalization” and then answer the question: Why would you want to duplicate that on a national scale (or even give it a chance or wait and see)?

    Disagree on Iraq all you want. Your own guy, The Big O himself, said it is time to hand Iraqi security over to the Iraqis. This can only mean (unless The Big O is a complete idiot) that Iraq is ready. If that be so then it can only be because of W’s new strategy (opposed by libs) and the surge (opposed by libs) and our soldiers (opposed by libs). The Big O has done nothing new or different in Iraq since elected. He has just commended our soldiers on a job well done. The objective was to hand a secure country over to a stable democratic government. I think we can safely say that that mission has been accomplished. If you disagree with that then you have to agree that The Big O is about to really fuck it up by flushing the progress we have made.

    Is there still violence? Sure, but there was violence before the US invasion; far more in fact, it was just poured out “unfairly” by one side on a majority of the people in attempts to exterminate them. At least now, less violence is equally applied by and on all sides. I can’t see why liberals wouldn’t like this socialist “Spread the Violence Around A Little” approach to Iraq that would not have occurred if it were not for the caring hearts of the American people and, more specifically, George W Bush; I told you he was an MR!

    You are correct. We did not get Bin Laden. That is, of course, because he left Afghanistan. That left the Taliban, whom we crushed in a matter of weeks. Crushed. We were in complete control of that country and had installed an interim government well before we went to Iraq. They had free elections with far less violence than there was in Iraq and there wasn’t much trouble in Afghanistan until a couple years ago; and that is normal for a deposed government. As much as I love your willingness to “nuke ’em”, my preferred approach to the problem, I seriously doubt that Al Gore would have had enough Carbon Credits to “nuked ’em” so we would have had the same situation (probably worse). I don’t even think AG would have invaded Afghanistan.

    Of course if Afghanistan is such a hotbed for violence now, why is The Big O not doing anything about it? He has had nearly 3 months. Where’s the surge? I’m sure it is coming, but it is running a little long for someone who campaigned on this issue quite heavily.

    Back to Bin Laden. The dude moves every day and is so loved and revered (actually feared) by the locals that they won’t betray him even for $50 million (unlike Saddam who only pulled half that price). The reason he became so difficult to find though is because, in late 2002, ON CNN (The Al Qaeda Intelligence Agency) Bin Laden was informed that the US was tracking his phone communications by satellite. That was that; the haystack got infinitely bigger. He stopped using Satellite phones and we haven’t intercepted anything since.

    And it IS necessary for libs to rewrite history. They might not have won the election without doing so. They falsely laid the blame for the October surprise on W, who according to the video you proffered, had relatively nothing to do with its cause and had been warning of pending doom since 2001. So, “It is what it is unless it isn’t” would be more like it. What about Farenheit 911’s pack of lies? What about “The surge was an abject failure”? What about [un]domestic wiretapping a policy that The Big O is not only strengthening, but ratcheting up, EVEN THOUGH he campaigned against it? What about Murtha’s comments about the devious motives and actions of our military men and women? Kerry’s? The Big O’s? What about the incidents at Abu Grab being portrayed as the norm night after night by the Lame Stream Media?

    I take major offense to all of these REWRITES because they are not just attacks on GWB, but they contributed to increased violence on Americans, increased military deaths, demoralization among the ranks, emboldening enemy resolve and making America look like the evil bully on the world stage THAT WE AREN’T instead of the freer of oppressed people THAT WE ARE. In short they were internal attacks on America Herself; sabotage by America’s own leaders (and I use that term quite loosely). And for what purpose? Why would you want to make America look bad? What possible good could come of that? What would there be to gain for anyone … except a politician(s).

    The only thing I can come up with is to win an election. That’s disgusting in my book. No rewrite required for that.

    • PCL Says:

      Jesus H Christ!!! Such a hard-on should be put to better use than trying to blame everything that W did or didn’t do on Obama. You know I was able to find some good in W, can you in Obama?

      I’m not going to get started on CSBE, I paid the fuckers their money, I’m over it. I’m not happy about it, but I’m over it. Same with the Feds.

      I agree with handing the security of Iraq back over to the Iraqis, I have no problem with that at all. I just don’t think we should have been there in the first place. I’m standing by that–and not a fucking thing you say is going to change my mind about it. And I don’t think it is ‘cool’ to accuse Liberals (whether I am one or not) of not supporting the troops just because they oppose the war. That’s bullshit. That goes to the polarizing idea that only the Right are true patriots. Thankfully, the majority of Americans didn’t buy into that shit in November.

      I am waiting to see what Obama does with both Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course, Afghanistan wouldn’t even be in the equation if dumbshit W would have actually finished over there BEFORE heading the troops to Iraq. But hey, that’s just me applying the discipline of finishing one thing before starting another–especially when the other thing shouldn’t be started at all.

      Oh I know about the violence in Iraq prior to our invading it–but that’s not what we were going there for, now was it? I guess W must have LIED to us about the REAL reason we were going there. What, W lying? Say it ain’t so. How will he ever get knighthood now? Oh W was a real MR alright–but I’m not talking about Moderate Republican.

      I don’t know what Gore would have done had he been president, and neither do you. All you have is speculation that is tainted by your hatred of Liberals.

      I agree with your jab at the media (the CNN reference), remember when Geraldo was drawing shit in the sand? What a dolt! Yeah, nice going CNN. Oh, wait, that’s right. Geraldo works for Fox, oops!

      Man, those who are so blinded by nothing more than hate for Obama, expected him to practically undo every single clusterfuck that was waiting for him on his new desk in the Oval office on January 21st, by January 22nd. I don’t know what goes on in the man’s head, but I think it is safe to say that he has had a more pressing problem than Iraq to deal with; however, from what the man has exhibited to me, it is in my opinion that in regards to Iraq and Afghanistan, he’s on it. Maybe not the way YOU want him to be, or even the way I want him to be (nukes and napalm), but I think he just might be ‘on it’.

      The October surprise happened on Bush’s watch, and he was already an unpopular president. Whether he deserved it or not (and I don’t think he totally did), that’s politics, remember? Have I taught you nothing, grasshopper?

      So everything that is bad in America is all because of Liberals and the MSM, right? Well, that’s mighty open-minded of you, Splash.
      And we are, occasionally, the bully on the block, courtesy of the policies of our government. If you think George W. Bush’s policies, or the man himself, made us look good–then I would like to know the name of the optometrist you frequent so that I can pick up a pair of those rose colored ‘W is great’ glasses.

      And you’re right, it is a disgusting thing if a politician uses a rewritten history to win an election. Thankfully, Obama didn’t have to do that–he just had to let the real history of the administration of George W. Bush do his bidding. And I guess, considering Obama IS the POTUS now, it worked.

    • cube1122 Says:


      Don’t you love it when Geraldo or CNN telegraphs our battle strategy? National Security vs. The Public’s Right To Know. I come down heavy on national security if you’ve never heard my defense of torture. Alan Dershowitz (I know) presents the best argument for the “right” way to torture. With a warrant requirement.

      We’ve discussed “The Ticking Bomb” hypothetical on an unscheduled show. If you’re interested in this, as I am, tell me in the Glen Beck Movie Film! And, give that sucker a good rating on YouTube. Even though it is objectively disgusting. It may win an award in cinematography.

  99. Splash Says:

    Holy Crap, PCL! Did i blame anything that happened under W on The Big O? Even though I can, I didn’t. Would you like me to? No? Too bad. How about W’s last two budgets, both voted yes by The Big O and yet he says he “inherited” a $1.3 Trillion (an over estimation by $300 billion). He must have wanted to inherit it to have voted for it. And how about TARP; given the thumbs up by The Big O (and John McCain, to be fair). Hell, they were all for it, but the Big O says he inherited it. He must have wanted to inherit it to vote for it.

    I don’t defend everything W did. I supported his policies in Iraq and if you listened to his speeches absolutely NONE of them were solely about WMDs. He always spoke of Saddams ethnic cleansing and human rights violations, his snubbing the UN resolutions for over 10 years and, sorry, but he had used WMDs in the past and we found lots of yellow cake. In addition he kicked out UN inspectors and acted quite unequivocally like he had something to hide. Furthermore there is serious but ignored evidence that WMDs (supply and equipment were moved to Sierra. The Operation was named Iraqi Freedom for God’s sake. Thus, to FREE Iraq of tyranny was also one of the MANY ignored reasons to go into Iraq. As I said, it was one of the few conservative things W did, he just didn’t do it strong enough. Nukes and Napalm would have been great, but more than enough troops from the get go would have been better.

    The October surprise happened under W’s watch. So. What’s your point? How can you say, whether he deserved it or not, that’s politics. That’s not politics. That’s lying. That’s rewriting history. How can you tell me he didn’t totally deserve it, watch The Big O use it to win and then say that The Big O didn’t have to rewrite history to win. You still trying to hold that straight face? Man, those cheek muscles must be hurtin’, huh?

    And W was unpopular because he was an MR. Start with the jilting that liberals feel they took in 2000. There goes that half of the population. Then the fact that he was a moderate free spending fool lost the fiscal Conservatives on both sides of the aisle. And then he was a very weak war planner, refusing to defer to his Commanders on the ground; there goes the National Security Conservatives on both sides of the aisle. Mix in a little of that hatred of W, for no other reason than he was not a liberal and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why W was so unpopular.

    And I’m glad to know that you are over the money that the CBOE and the feds stole, um, I mean confiscated, um, I mean coaxed you into voluntarily handing over under threat of incarceration. Must be nice. To be able to be over it, I mean. Apparently, 250,000 (a low liberal estimate to be sure) were out to protest it for you today. Don’t worry about it, you just keep writing those checks; we will take care of the injustice of it all.

    Gore’s a pussy. He wouldn’t have done jack, IMHL[iberal]T[ainted]H[atred]O. He gave up way too easy in 2,000. Look at Coleman and Franken. Now there’s a couple of real scrappers!

    I don’t hate Obama. I hate his policies … and it has been three months. He should have safely pulled 3brigades from Iraq by now; his promise, not mine. He should have stepped it up in Afghanistan already. His promise, not mine. And what’s with this “a lot on his plate crap”? Wasn’t it The Big O that said a president needs to be able to multitask? And what does it take anyway: “General Petreus, I command thee to send 3 brigades home from Iraq and step it up in Afghanistan”. What was that? 15 seconds? Let’s give him an extra 5 seconds to pick up the hone and dial the number himself (since he is so much like one of us). IT’S BEEN THREE MONTHS!

    So Geraldo is on FOX. Kind of lays the whole “There not fair and balanced” shit to bed, right? Funny that the drawings in the sand come from the liberal side of the sea-saw, eh?

    You bet your ass everything bad that happens in the country is because of liberalism. Everything. Of course it depends on what you call bad. I think $1.3 trillion in mandatory, unavoidable spending on SS, SSI, Medicaid and Medicare (all liberal albatrosses hung about America’s neck) is bad, liberals love the votes they gather. I’m sure letting the Cold War go on forever by cowering before the various leaders of the USSR is good in some eyes, but not mine; Thank you Ronald Reagan. I didn’t like W’s deficits, but the liberal answer seems to be (and has always seemed to be) spend more while stealing, um I mean, taxing more. Name mesomething Conservative that was so bad that could not be overturned in acouple years or less. Not so with liberal costs to our national budget, our personal finances or our freedom.

    Yes, I hate liberalism and with good reason. Liberalism hates me (and you). But it loves an America that will let them get away with hating me (and you).

    • PCL Says:

      Don’t you fucking holy crap me, swamp boy! You blame every fucking thing in this country on Liberals–were they completely running the country for six of the past eight years? WERE THEY?

      Are the Liberals partly to blame for the current mess we are in. You damn right they are. Are the Conservatives? Depends on which Reps are wearing that label these days. The Reps wear it only when they are in the minority and are looking to try and score points with a bunch of voters who have a penchant for tea these days. In my opinion, they are equally to blame.

      That video showed Bush, at the time considered to be the head of the Republican Party, who consider themselves as Conservatives, warning about this shit. Did his party listen? NO! And they held the majority then! And just to clarify one thing about that, there was a Senator who was warning the Feds that this was coming–back in 1994. It’s in this weeks Newsweek Magazine (I’ll get the link, later).

      You will never get me to agree with you on Iraq–I read The Dark Side by Janet Mayer. WMD, yellowcake–bullshit!! And even then, I didn’t hate the guy–thought he was dead to wrong, but I didn’t hate the guy. And I don’t think that the pull-out from Iraq is any easier than any other ‘pull-out’. But, I’m not an expert on either pull-outs or the military.

      As for Reagan, that’s a whole different can of worms. I thought he was a wonderful speaker, hell of a speaker in fact. But I don’t worship him just like I DON’T worship Obama–or any other politician. They ALL lie, some are just better at it. And I certainly don’t think Reagan ended the cold war, at all. Or brought about the fall of Communism all by one speech. Please.

      And you don’t know what Gore would or wouldn’t have done–you’re many things, Splash, but you’re no mind reader. You can speculate all you want–but that’s all it is, pure speculation. There are plenty who can speculate to the opposite.

      The reason I don’t continue to whine about the taxes that I have just forked over, is because I know it won’t do any good. Besides, a wise man once told me that you have to pay to play. So I do. It serves me no purpose to try and control things I know I can’t. And NONE of those who protested yesterday, today or any other day did it for me, I can assure you of that. They do not represent me or my beliefs. I have seen how people react to not only my belief system, but my bloodline (indirectly, of course) as well.

      You name me the Conservative IDEA that has remained an IDEAL of American politics. Trickle down economics?? De-regulation? Maybe you should go watch last night’s Daily Show with guest Elizabeth Warren on how that all worked out. I told you once before–an idea is only an IDEAL if it withstands the test of time, if it doesn’t, then it was just an experiment. And the proof of that is our present economic meltdown. None of Conservative policies have done that. Now, if you want to fight about all this shit and run to Google to get all your facts (keeping in mind that for every Google article you find to support your case, I can find one to refute it) FINE!

      And both liberals and conservatives hate me–and I could give two shits about that.

  100. cube1122 Says:

    What in the wide, wide, world of sports is a goin’ on here? I feel like a voyeur.

    • PCL Says:

      So ya like to watch do ya? This is just our usual spat–we’ve been sparring over this since before the election LOL! He’s good though, isn’t he, Cube? I just love pissing him off. Heh heh hehe!

  101. Splash Says:


  102. Splash Says:

    PCL – Did you just spat on me shoes? Feathers ruffled. Totally pissed. You still watching, Cube? I’m about to have a li’l tea tantrum.

  103. Splash Says:

    PS, Cube, I saw your video. You should learn to Curb your enthusiasm for yourself (just a little). The screen writing was funny at times, but I think I have read that somewhere before … Oh yeah, The Joy Of Sex … but not with Beck.

  104. Splash Says:

    PCL Says:
    April 17, 2009 at 1:01 am | Reply

    Suck it Splash!!!


  105. Cube Says:

    Yup. That was a reference to Glen Beck’s guest Penn Jilette and his Aristocrats joke and some irony. It could have been just the fart. The satire was lost by all. I’ll explain it tomrw. Splash.

    How do I reconcile this spat between you and PCL? She’s cool Splash. You are too. Can’t we all just have anal with Rodney King?

    • PCL Says:

      What spat? Did I miss something? Cube, are you talking about my soliloquy to rebut Splash’s manifest? That’s no spat–that’s pure love, baby! LOL

  106. Splash Says:

    Was THAT a spat? You haven’t seen us get really down and dirty!

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