Unusable Signal With Cube: Lineup

Tonight’s Unusable Signal: 11:00 PM EST:

Uncle Lenny from Camp Obama and his views on Michelle Bachmann.

Live Crucifixion of A Twitter Account

A View From The Knees: A Teabagee’s Perspective

I SPY With President Obama: Electronic Surveillance and Why He’s Listening To You Unless You’re A Gay Muslim

Tonight’s Special Guest: Twitter

Freeballing at Midnight World Premier:  Switchboards Are Open For Calls

If there is anything you’d like for us to discuss, please feel free to comment.  Also, you may want to hit the “Pop Up Player” to the right.  It’s pretty cool.  Speak with you tonight.



24 Responses to “Unusable Signal With Cube: Lineup”

  1. PCL Says:


    I would like to discuss briefly is it just me, or has the political, as well as, the civil climate changed at PM? Has PM been infiltrated by conspiracy theorists and radical religious zealots? There’s just too much doom and gloom. I mean I understand how things are looking, but come on–it’s getting mean and lean on rationality over there.

  2. cube1122 Says:

    Good one PCL. The people on PM’s spinal cords don’t touch their cerebrum. Good thing I woke up huh?

  3. PCL Says:

    No kidding!! But good thing you had some sleep–it’s a late night for you east coasters.

  4. PCL Says:

    Did you disconnect the whole show??

  5. PCL Says:

    Nice everyone could talk. Geez!! Here I go and really push the show to people like Pundit, Garret, and Peggy and they take part and have to listen to that hollering.

    Miss M is too loud, rude, and needs a fucking muzzle. She is indicative of what is wrong on PM–if one disagrees with her, she becomes impossible to have a conversation with. She ruined the whole show and Cube, you are going to have to control that show or the likes of her will ruin it for others. I am officially DISGUSTED!

  6. Peggy Says:

    Cube, thanks for the info. I was always careful but there were times I felt like the line wasn’t just fuzzy, it was movable. Like a lot of my coworkers, I was concerned about how much backup my agency would provide. We live in a litigious society and even frivilous lawsuits can require time and money to defend. Immuity is double edged sword but there are times it is also an absolute necessity. My concern is how large the blanket of immunity will be.

    PCL, not to worry. I grew up in a very big family with lots of dissenting opinions. It did remind me of our Holiday celebrations. It was nice to be able to put voices to screen names so that was a lot of fun, too. Thanks to both you and Michelle for inviting me. I’ve seen the link on PM but probably wouldn’t have tuned in without knowing something about the players.

  7. PCL Says:

    Peggy, I’m so glad you came on–I just wish it went a different way. Did you get disconnected too? Please don’t let tonight’s show steer you away–it is usually much more fun. Sorry I got a little tweaked by the behaviors of others–now I’m gonna have to frickin meditate for at least an hour to recenter myself. (lol)

    Have a great Easter, Peggy!

  8. cube1122 Says:

    Man, I try to reasonable with Miss M, but, I really wanted to talk about the issue with Peggy. Thanks for stopping by.

    I’ve got the munchies. I just put a Kanish in the toaster oven. Aside from me being on mute the 2hr segment was pretty good I thought. I was pissed about the mute. And eminem ending early for some reason. Thanks for listening.

    Next week we’ll deal with the surveillance issue more thoroughly. I’ll try to write up something humorous about it.

  9. PCL Says:

    Cube, I listen occasionally to KGO talk radio out of San Francisco with Gene Burns. Gene is in my opinion, pretty moderate. When he gets a belligerent caller the likes of Miss M, he disconnects them.

    That was ridiculous. Other people had things to say on other subjects–Miss M just can’t get past the Obama thing and takes over the whole show to rant and rave about it. And she is too annoying to be hosting such a show. And I’m not going to listen to a show hosted by her.

  10. Peggy Says:

    Happy Easter to you too PCL. While you’re meditating, I’ll be searching the house for my missing sense of humor. Can’t believe it. Three serious conversations in less than 24 hours. I must be ill.

    Hope the Easter Bunny brings everyone a beautiful basket full of eggs that put the colors of the rainbow to shame.

  11. PCL Says:

    Peggy, while you’re looking for your missing sense of humor, see if you can find my missing zen–I keep losing it lately.

    Forget colored eggs–that damn rabbit better bring me chocolate eggs or it will be rabbit stew for dinner.

    Happy Easter to all!

  12. cube1122 Says:

    Happy Easter!

    Yeah. We try to keep it very serious with the Rusty Trombones and all… Peggy, don’t worry, I can corrupt you.

    OK PCL… Of to get you some Bruce. Pop out the player and look near the bottom and refresh.

  13. PCL Says:

    Thank you–now look for three of my favs by the Boss:
    “Out in the Street”, “Man’s Job”, and “Let’s Be Friends (Skin to Skin)”
    Please, please, please.

    So did you disconnect everyone, or just innocent little me?

  14. cube1122 Says:

    Everyone got the boot. I don’t have control of the switchboard and Ms. M during the aftershow. Only for a bit. Then I had it with her antics. So, she won’t be a part of the show any longer.

    Now, check out the music. Which is what gets me mad. I just wanna make jokes and play music mostly.

  15. PCL Says:

    Thank YEW!!! I agree totally with your decision and I am much more in tune with the format you want to implement.

  16. PCL Says:

    Woo Hoo! “Glory Days”

    Takes me back–Bruce and Pinot Noir. Life is good!

    Thanks Cube.

  17. cube1122 Says:

    Yeah, when Tommy, Caleb, and myself battle, it’s done so with a point. And, we can always pull back on the reigns. However, and I’ve tried as has Tommy, she cannot conform to the format and doesn’t realize the show has one. It’s not some free for all. And, when it gets like that in the aftershow, if I’ve had enough, I’ll cut it off. Now, I’m gonna have a drink and listen to all these great songs.

    We had a good audience. Tell Pundit to come over and that was really interesting hearing from Peggy who knows exactly what I’m talking about in terms of why immunity, basic immunity which workers have clear notice of, is paramount. Except in cases of willful misconduct beyond the scope of employment.

    Now, back to fart jokes and tunes. How sick is that guy at the Tea Bagger’s get together. Where is a substantively progressive tea party! One! The lack of evidence is overwhelming as to its abysmal failure. Even excising the mind control/burn book Tea Baggers.

  18. Michelle Says:

    Oh great, I knew I missed it all…sorry I did, and something tells me, I should be glad I missed it, the mood I was in, I probably woulda got all medevil on her(MissM) buttocks…what is up with her anyway? is she ill? I worry for her, really…I do…

    Peggy!!! Thanks for making it to the more real side of the world of politics…this is one of our flanking areas, where we recollect our thoughts…lol and steep ourselves in normal, forward thinking types…

    OK, ready to jump back into the muck of PM…we must keep reality firmly planted on terrafirma that is PM…

    our work is never done….

    and I really wanted to share my teabagger story…damn…but I laid down for a nap, and didn’t wakeywake until oh…about an hour and ahalf ago…musta needed the sleep…

    catch you all later, Im sure you are enjoying the Easter festivities…

    time to start cooking myself…

  19. Michelle Says:

    and Peggy, make sure you make it over the Tommy’s blog too, the Daily Dose…and Caleb has one also, so that we can remain balanced, the link is on Tommy blog page I think…

  20. PCL Says:

    Cube, I still want to see some of the other teabag parties that Caleb and Tommy filmed. I watched some of it from the chat feed last night–those looked low-keyed compared to the one you have here on your blog. I don’t like to generalize, not my style, so I want to see other examples of this crazy movement.

    However, the one you have here–those people have got to be shy of some brain cells. The conspiracists who were doing most of the talking, were not nearly as scary as the woman who wants to burn books–and she didn’t sound like an elderly or even middle aged woman! Now that is some scary ass shit!

    And, Cube–thanks for the Boss tunes, loves my Bruce!! 😉

  21. PCL Says:

    Miss M, ugh! You wouldn’t be worried about her if you listened to her last night–she was in her glory. She loves pitting people against each other and wrecking the fun for others. Though I consider her to be very intelligent and entitled to her opinion, she needs to learn how to let others express their differing opinion, and she needs to stop thinking that Unusable Signal is HER show. Nobody wants to hear her hollering. And on top of it all, how fucking ridiculous and arrogant is it to think that one knows more about the law (because one’s uncle is a prosecutor) than a lawyer who has the law degree and actually practices it? Please.

    Anyway, sorry you missed it. Happy egg day!

  22. cube1122 Says:

    Hi there,

    Of course the tea party I found isn’t representative of them all. But, I will guarantee you this: Not one tea party will have traction. Not one tea party will have a cogent message. Why? There isn’t one. Some might be “normal” by comparison (which isn’t hard). They are chanting “Burn The Books” at the end of this Tea Bag Festival.

    This is because there is an utter void at the top of the GOP leadership. The tea bags are all fragmented. I did hear that Tommy is going to one with Alan Keyes — The Birther.

    Immediately that takes away any credibility this Teabagger has. ALAN KEYES! THE GUY SUING BARACK IN FEDERAL COURT CLAIMING HE IS NOT A CITIZEN?

    Please, that Tea Party will be an abomination no matter what is said. Or who else is there.

    See if Caleb uses Post Hoc analysis to justify going to any freaking party where Alan Keyes is involved. Or anyone with a brain. Caleb has a job. His job is to win at all costs, as I understand it, and that’s his gig. Ok. At least he admits that. Why do you think Caleb freaked out when we had a video (also found at Indecision) of some random tea bag? Sure, it is not representative, but, you can see the disorganization by the lack of evidence. A TEA BAG THAT HAS TRACTION AND MEANING.

    Andrew Sullivan, who I don’t read, finds the same thing as I do, as others do, which is there is absolutely no message. These tea parties are intellectually barren. It’s the freaking Sahara of protests.

    Protests are becoming lame because of these meaningless whacks. Go look at the comparison to real unity, which people don’t forget. Millions gathering to support a message and a President. All they do is bitch randomly. Why does Caleb fire up so much? That video is embarrassing as shit. What other defense is he left with.

    Again, present a video of a small gathering with calm, yet divergent viewpoints, on what to do, does not impress me. It’s another attempt to reach their conclusion with jagged paths getting there — Beat Barack. That’s all they are about. No critical thought. Without bluster and bullshit.


  23. cube1122 Says:

    @Republicans: If you think by having “Tea Parties” with random, handfuls of misfits, you will somehow beat President Obama, I have a 10 Million Dollar Blog Named Cube To Give You.

  24. Michelle Says:


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