Funky President, Tea Baggers, And The Republican Rusty Trombone

UPDATE: GLEN BECK’S TEA BAG (Umm… I told you so) h/t Indy (except I don’t have a hat).  Holy Shit!  Holy Shit!  Holy Shit!  Holy Shit!  Oh Glorious Tea Party.  Learn about the “Brainwash Device.” Uber brainsmanship going on at this tea bag.  Did you know, the “brainwashing units” were installed in your television set?  By President Obama?  It’s true.  The government’s been doing it for decades.  Just watch as they drink beer at the Tea Party.  They say it’s so, that must make it so.


This is ultimate in Republican hypocrisy I will call out.  They are against gay marriage and have Tea Parties?  Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.   What’s their next gig?  76 Rusty Trombones in the big parade?   The fucking tea party is three nerds from Red State, a computer, and some porn.  — Cube

Unusable Signal.  Tomorrow Night.  11:00 P.M. E.S.T.


43 Responses to “Funky President, Tea Baggers, And The Republican Rusty Trombone”

  1. PCL Says:

    Say what they will–but Obama looks so fucking cool in that one shot where he has the sunglasses on coming off the plane (at the 2:13 mark). Hot!!

    Now those are some crowds! Suck it Teabaggers!!!

  2. Michelle Says:

    lol, funny you should mention teabaggers…

    I just had a run in with one at my local Target store…

    that bitch picked the wrong truck to put her teabag shit on!!

    needless to say, I had a few choice words to say to her…enough for her to get in her car and leave the area…hahahahhahahahhahahaha

    My son was with me, he is so bad, he said you want a teabag, I got 2 teabags for ya, then he acted like he was about to unzip his pants



    • Marc Says:

      You must be so proud of your spawn. I guess times have changed. My mother would have slapped the taste out of my mouth if she caught me doing that, much less with her right there.
      You are such a good mother and role model.

      Trash, Pure Trash.

  3. cube1122 Says:

    Hello Ladies. Think of a Tea Bag party. Then think of the millions going to see Barack. It’s like Caleb, a few computer geeks, and no tea. GET REAL REPUBLICANS!

    This tea party doesn’t even have a cogent message gals! The ultimate in Republican hypocrisy I will call out. They are against gay marriage and have Tea Parties. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

    Next gig for Republicans: 76 Rusty Trombones

  4. PCL Says:

    LMAO!! Michelle. I love your son already. LMAO!!

  5. PCL Says:

    OMG!! Cube!! I was happy in my ignorance of the Rusty Trombone. But it is no wonder that Robert Preston loved all those trombones after all–talk about type casting.

  6. cube1122 Says:

    Sweet. Michelle C’mon. These parties have to be totally lame. I need to infiltrate one and go in disguise and blog about my experience. If anyone knows where the tea baggers are in So. Fla. please advise. I would like to go in like Hunter did with a DEA convention.

    I have to disagree with Sullivan’s point to an extent — they are united on one issue. Teabagging.

  7. cube1122 Says:

    The music of 76 Trombones and the imagery of Republicans doing Rusty Trombones is so money and I know it.

  8. dianawink Says:

    Now, is a Rusty Trombone anything like a Dirty Sanchez or a Blumkin?

    “The music of 76 Trombones and the imagery of Republicans doing Rusty Trombones is so money and I know it.”

    LMAO, Cube! Michelle….your son sounds as cool as his Mom 🙂 PCL…I had the pleasure of hearing Cube’s explicit description of the RT via phone, arguably in the most traumatic manner possible. LOL.

  9. PCL Says:

    LMAO! Poor you, Diana. I was blissfully ignorant of it–now I’m wondering how Cube knew about it, or am I just getting fucking old? LOL!

    Where’s Tommy hiding, Diana? And who the hell was that dude, Jim Treach? Funny guy–wound a little tight though.

  10. cube1122 Says:

    Basically, If you’ve ever seen the documentary “The Aristocrats,” you learn about Rusty Trombones from Andy Dick.

  11. Tommy Christopher Says:


    Nice place ya got here.

  12. PCL Says:

    Tommy!!! Kind of bare though, right? Blah!!!

  13. cube1122 Says:

    Thank you kind sir. I think. I hope.

    I can’t get the playlist to start automatically. You can kick out the pop out player. I put a few songs on it.

  14. cube1122 Says:

    Substance Over Style PCL. I’m trying to figure out how to get music to start up automatically. Thanks though PCL.

  15. Diana Says:

    PCL….I told him you were looking for him (above), but now about to watch a movie. About Jim Treacher, he’s a conservative who tweets almost as much as Tommy. He’s been befriending quite a few conservatives there, as you can see on Daily Dose. You see, it’s the new addiction (I like it, but prefer Facebook). You really ought to consider signing up for Twitter….even Cube does it (and I’m glad he’s showing up more over the past couple of days). And Caleb, of course. It started off as a vehicle for DC journalists and now everyone’s on it, including celebs (e.g. – I follow my fave male vocalist, Chris Cornell, who Tommy and I just saw in concert last Friday @ the Borgata casino in Atlantic City). About the blog, it’s something to consider…..hmmm….

  16. Diana Says:

    Oh crap! Speaking of rock concerts, HOW WAS BRUUUUCE?! As if I have to ask 😉

  17. PCL Says:


    I was just gonna ask, does Bruce Twitter….hmmm.
    He was excellent, as usual. Did a beautiful duet of Kingdom of Days with Patti (lucky Red!). His seventeen year old daughter was down in the front dancing to Mom and Dad. They got a late start, but played for 2hrs 40 minute–straight through, no breaks. And Bruce can move!! Superbowl Sunday was just a taste–oh to be a microphone stand! LOL. But it was just great. Thanks for asking.

    I take it Chris was awesome too? And at a Casino no less–love to gamble. Vegas is only about an hour and 15 minutes by jet from here–love that town.

    So Cube Twitters and is doing a show about the evils of it tomorrow??? Cube, you scamp!!!!

  18. Jack The Ripper Says:

    Big deal…Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, Stalin and Mao all had big crowds too…that just means people will do whatever everyone else is doing.

  19. cube1122 Says:

    @Jack, so by your logic, only a few stains are dunking their testicles in other Republican mouths?

  20. cube1122 Says:

    That was a brilliant argument. Try again. The Hitler shit is dope yo.

  21. PCL Says:

    OMG! That video of a Glen Beck tea bag party–those people are so ridiculous, in a scary sort of way!! Burn the books?? I thought Eva Braun was dead, obviously she is still alive–that bitch was crazy! What a bunch of fucking loons.

  22. cube1122 Says:

    This particular tea bag is a circus unto itself. There are fringe elements in both groups. However, the distinction in tea parties (ASIDE FROM THE MIND CONTROL DEVICES BEING PUT INTO TV SCREENS ON THE ONE CAPTURED ON VIDEO HERE) and movements, is consistency and a point.

    I defy anyone to articulate a singular, reasonable, conservative viewpoint that run consistently from tea bag to tea bag. Not all are Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Parties. However, ask yourself whether this awfully named concept has any traction to move the GOP forward. Answer? No. There is no organization at the grass-roots level. There’s no organization at the highest of levels. So, of course, these tea parties may not be as crazy as that one (which those whacks painted themselves, it might help watching it), but, there will never be any reasonable forward momentum or political capital gained with them.

    You do have dedicated people. What they’re dedicated to? Not even they know.

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  27. DoggyLover1981 Says:

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  29. Lee Says:

    Laugh while you can lefties. It will not be long before those smiles are wiped from your faces and you are crying like the little girls that you are.

  30. DEF Says:

    The Songs they sing and the dances they dance are performances for those who will buy their ticket which gives them “Power”!! Beware of how much Power you give them, their ways are extravagant, their job is to govern their supporters!! Anyone who has ever been around a dog knows that it will sit at the edge of the table you are feasting on and wait for a scrap to fall, because he/she knows you are their master, so you will feel compassion and feed him/her your scraps (The dog knows the master will take care of it)! Governors don’t produce money, they take it, if you receive something from them it is just the scraps, they are your masters and they will feed you……..If you qualify (Sit at the edge of the table and beg)!!! If it’s any consolation… that’s what dog spelled backwards with a capital G (God) does. He begs you to turn away from your false gods (Masters) and waits for the scraps of your life to fall to him!!!! The dog consumes it’s blessings because it is an animal, God doesn’t he rebuilds the scraps and places them back on the table, not to be consumed, but to adorn (To be awakened (To have self value (To know who and what you are and know your purpose)))!!!! The secret to inner peace!

  31. Mr. GJG Says:

    Wow Michelle, you must be awful proud of your boy.
    I’m sure all the other mommys are just knocking down your door wanting your little angel to play with their kids.

  32. Lbfent2 Says:

    “Tea-baggers”…Oh BEHAVE! …(giggle) you naughty thing, you! “Tea-baggers” is still such a cool way to insert sexually charged imagery (giggle-giggle) upon those prudish, un-cool, knuckle-dragging, gun-totin’, racist, homophobic, God-believin’, bible-thumpin’, puppy-killin’, American-lovin’ patriots. “Tea-baggers (tee-hee), Tea-baggers (tee-hee)…OH HOW FUN! It delights me with girlish giggles every time I hear it. G.O.L. !!!!

  33. Don Says:

    You moron libtards have yet to realize that we are the teabaggERs, but you’re the teabagEEs!!!


    Move your socialist a$$es to Europe ALREADY biotches!!!

  34. Rawls Says:

    who are you humps?

  35. sebecycbex Says:

    Lets give a tissue from under the house unless i can and.

  36. spuctkandra Says:

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