Hello Muddah! Hello Faddah! Here I Am At! Camp Obama!

Camp Obama “Re-Education Camps” are opening up around small bacteria-filled ponds near you.

Brainwashing — the underrated technique of scooping out brain goo and washing it with lukewarm water and soap or a soap-like substance.   For the irrational low-rent miscreants who so desperately need it, this is the change we’ve been looking for.  Fortunately, the “evil” Main Stream Media empire is painting Michelle Bachmann as some kind of “fringe” thinker. Like her past views somehow “taint” her most astute analysis ever — Obama intends to introduce re-education camps for perpetual Messianic control of the country.

I believe that there is a very strong chance that we will see that young people will be put into mandatory service. And the real concerns is that there are provisions for what I would call re-education camps for young people, where young people have to go and get trained in a philosophy that the government puts forward and then they have to go to work in some of these politically correct forums.

Dammit.  Dammit ALL TO HELL!  She screwed it up!  How Bachman managed to reveal the Democratic plot to have President Obama rule in perpetuity belies the lack of intelligence I falsely attributed to her earlier during the campaign.  The Distinguished Gentlewoman from Minnesota is spot on.  The brilliant anonymous blogger I am will cover up her serendipitous find of Camp Obmas everywhere.  She must be stopped.  Where else will kids be forced to read Catcher In The Rye and ask what the big fucking deal is?

Cube might not be the most intrepid reporter ever, but, I had an opportunity to spend a day at the local Obama Re-Education Camp.  Those little kids were so cute.  Droning our mantra: “Unity. Hope. Change. Obama. Obey.”  Darling little robots we all ought aspire to be.   As the sun set, the reprogrammed tykes sung the campfire standard, “Marx Was A Jolly Man.”  It was inspiring.  This is why Bachmann must be stopped.   I mean, these kids were great.  They fancy socialism, dream of all having equal pay, look forward to running a gulag one day, and flip basketball cards on the cabin porch.  Camp Obama is a throwback to happier days.

The skulls of the infidels can easily be cracked open and restored good as new afterward.  Brainwashing is a painless procedure.  I mean, they like to call it a “procedure.”  I like to call it a fun little brain bubble bath.  You scoop out the brain matter from the skull after sawing off the cap.  Be careful during this part.  Make sure you are away from water when turning on the saw.

Next, grab out some brain and rinse with Palm-Olive — it is important to keep those hands soft so you can blog afterward.  Scrub the brain with a soft Brillo Pad.  Make sure to rinse and repeat a few dozen times so as to be easy on the irrational brain.

Pretty soon, it’s peace on Earth kids.  Thank goodness people think she’s crazy.



74 Responses to “Hello Muddah! Hello Faddah! Here I Am At! Camp Obama!”

  1. PCL Says:

    Cube!! You stole my brainwashing remark and remolded it–you scamp!!!!! LOL! Loved this.

  2. cube1122 Says:

    You did not think that PCL. You did not think that PCL.

    Thanks for swinging by. I’ve had this gadget for a while now, but, felt inspired to do a serious piece.

  3. cube1122 Says:

    If anyone knows how to turn off the moderation on this thing and sees this tonight, please tell me how. Be sure to pimp this and work the streets. Look out for Harvey Keitel though. Thanks.

  4. PCL Says:

    You little shit!! You even posted how you thought brainwashing was underrated AFTER I posted a ‘serious’ comment about a new political party!!

    But, I will let you have it in exchange for the following: your camps will need ‘officers’–I wish to be a Lt. Colonel. Make it happen or else.

    Nice ‘serious’ piece though. And ask Tommy, Caleb, or Diana about the moderation thing.

  5. Tommy Christopher Says:

    Dude, funny stuff. Give Caleb your sign-on info. He will fix everything. Tell him to design you up a little, the walls are pretty bare in here.

  6. cube1122 Says:

    @PCL: You can be Lt. Colonel in charge of brain scooping detail.

  7. cube1122 Says:

    Oh yes, this is an extension of your silly view that brainwashing is somehow wrong. Clearly, “re-education” camps are is a good thing. Why Bachmann feels otherwise is her belief in this faux concept called “free-will.”

  8. cube1122 Says:

    Thanks Tommy. I’ll ask Caleb. And then, wash his brain.

  9. PCL Says:

    “Silly view?” Fuck you, Cube (lol). However, seeing that you gave in to my demand…say what you will.

  10. Diana Says:

    Cube…..thanks for sending this my way, bud. Love the satire, how your mind operates 😉 I used to say the same thing about Tommy when I first started reading him. Something like “I’d like to get inside that head” or that “it must be a fun place to inhabit” or something of the sort. If this is a sample of your serious side, I can’t wait to get a load of your crazy stuff! Keep it up, dude! We can always use some more laughs.

    As MB would say, YOU BE DA MAN!

    BTW – do you remember that story where Tommy posted my eyeball? Someone there thought that it belonged to Michelle Bachmann. LMAO. She’s pretty, but what a wingnut.

    Damn…..I have so much catching up to do here, on the PM and with Saturday’s show…..even yesterday’s Ed Morrissey show (which someone never even bothered to give me a heads up on. Ugh). Also Media Lizzy discussing masturbation with Tommy last week. lol.

  11. cube1122 Says:

    I really wish I knew how to work this fucking blog.

  12. cube1122 Says:

    PCL, I fear I have corrupted you. My sweet little Cali girl! I may have to moderate you. I find cursing to be poor form.

  13. PCL Says:

    LMAO! Moderate this!

  14. PCL Says:

    By the way, my Jewish friend, Happy Passover.

  15. cube1122 Says:

    Thank you. The Angel of Death was in a gang.

  16. PCL Says:

    Cube, you need to dress this place up a bit. Get a decorator for crissakes. Have you seen Caleb’s new blog??? You’re slippin’–and don’t give me any crap about having a real job and not having the time!! I have one too, and I still take the time to give you shit about your lack of decorating skills.

  17. cube1122 Says:

    PCL. Less is more. Too many colors freak me out. I want this to look like the shitty paper it is.

  18. cube1122 Says:

    Oh yeah! Hi Di. Anybody messes with Diana, and I’ll kill ya. Same with PCL.

    Where’s My Michelle Dammit?

  19. PCL Says:

    Cube. That ‘less is more’ phrase is not ALWAYS true.

    This place is entirely too plain. At least get a really cool background. Geez.

  20. PCL Says:

    Oh, and I did pass your ‘summons’ along to Michelle via email.

  21. Michelle Says:


    what is this generic background shit???

    Am I going to have to be your interior designer too????

    By the way, cool!

  22. PCL Says:

    Yeah Michelle!!! Oh please do something about his decorating! eh!

  23. Michelle Says:

    Here I is!!


  24. PCL Says:

    Big waves!!!!

  25. PCL Says:

    How are the BB doing tonight?

  26. Michelle Says:


    whats with the time stamp??/

    in Cube’s world, its after 4 am??

    Just where is the damn server for this blog???


  27. PCL Says:

    Did you see that list King Abdullah made on that one article? I have to admit it was funny! Imagine naming Cube Chief Bullshitter??? Like that’s an insult to a lawyer. LOL

  28. Michelle Says:

    honestly, PCL…I haven’t been around much..

    just a few driveby textings from me…

    they are just pissing me off, and they have just gotten so very stupid…

    bunch of suck asses if you ask me, brown noseing, 2 faces bitches…and some of them are the men….lol

  29. PCL Says:

    OMG! I just noticed that. Is Cube out of the country??? LOL

  30. Michelle Says:


    I didn’t see that list

    seems that is the new thing for some to do

    make lists…

  31. PCL Says:

    I know–it’s unreal. Crystal has to be THE biggest bitch I’ve ever seen! And I rest my case on Annie. I just don’t engage with any of them anymore.

  32. PCL Says:

    Yeah, their lists are unreal. Seems King Abdullah made his because too many of us ridiculed the shit out of Wade’s list, and then CJ really pissed them off with her list.

  33. PCL Says:

    Cube, there’s a subject for your next show: The B.O.B of PM.

  34. Michelle Says:


    CJ is a hoot

    but from the looks of it, some of us don’t make lists, we make blog pages…


    in yer face…

    I think we should make one for WADE…and say, its your world baby…lol have at it.

  35. Michelle Says:


    B O B

    battery operated boyfriend…

    we could make a fortune, just off of those females….hahahhahahah

    thats all they need, is a glass of wine and some fresh D cells….fix em up just right.

  36. Michelle Says:

    hey Diana, do conservative women masturbate?

  37. PCL Says:

    LMAO! Michelle! I think those ‘toys’ would run from them. They really do need to get laid, or some serious hormones at least–I’m sure some of them are menopausal.

  38. PCL Says:

    LOL! Only after they go to church.

  39. Michelle Says:


    I feel for the toys…


    omg…we are disturbed aren’t we?


  40. cube1122 Says:

    Save The Toys.

    What kind of toys? I missed something. DAMMIT

  41. PCL Says:

    LMAO! Don’t hand us that (somewhat of a pun), you don’t miss a thing. Nice try though.

    But hey, that would be a good topic for your show–Save The Toys, Save The World!

    And what’s with your clock? I’m posting this at 10:26 Cali time.

  42. Diana Says:

    Cube…..we dare you to go nude here! I mean, really nude.

    PCL & Michelle…..yeah, I’m afraid they do masturbate, like everyone else. And anyone who says they don’t is full of shit. The only thing is I can’t picture (nor want to) someone like Ann Coulter or Laura Ingraham using their Jack Rabbit vibes…..ewww. BTW – since no one else visits here, I highly recommend their *gold* version 😉 Better than The Tongue II. B.O.B….LMAO.

    BTW – Crystal and bonbon were actually my friends back in my Hill-bot days, well over a year ago, believe it or not. We used to team up to battle the evil Obamabots and let me tell you they were some nasty SOBs (despite what Tommy says). They would list those 25 people who the Clintons allegedly killed, Monicagate, Whitewater and any morsel of dirt on the Clintons they could find INSTEAD OF debating the issues or any substance. They were just cruel and relentless – and suspect they were paid by the Obama campaign. I tried to stick to policies and issues. Katherine was another one. The big difference is that they became PUMAs and NEVER MOVED ON. They turned so bitter about Obama that it smacked of racism (as did many of their posts). I, on the other hand, decided to support Barack and my Party. Now they just sound like bitter, sour grapes….with all the doomsday scenarios of how Obama is going to be the ruination of modern civilization. Ugh. I wish you guys had been around at the time – when I was all about the substance – the debates were so intense. Ahh, those were the days…now you guys have picked up the torch….I don’t really go to the PM anymore, in lieu of DailyDose.

  43. PCL Says:


    I don’t engage with those women, except I did with Annie over her use of passive aggressiveness which she reacted to in a textbook manner. They are too mean for my ‘zen’. I’m done with all of them. And with that asshole Truth (or as I call him LIAR). Bonbon was the least offensive in my opinion, but I stay clear of her and the B.O.B., and they of I. I knew they were PUMAs–they are still really angry.

    Their poor wabbits. They should try the SASI, maybe they would be happier. Woo hoo!

  44. RyboSlybo Says:

    What the Shiz ? CUBE! This aggression will not stand… man!

    Interesting bit dude mar… Perhaps we should join all the ammo hoarders and get us some Obama Drone Zombie Crusaders! They are coming to eat our brains and the kids! No worries though buddy! I have many extensive hours on Call of Duty World at War which is essential for training yourself for Zombie Warfare! Are you ready for Combat!? … and passing the bowl onward…

    Bigidy! BONG!

  45. cube1122 Says:

    Wassup Ryan. Thanks for stopping by dude. The Zombies are actually taught to use mind control rather than weapons. Now, personally, I am very much against restrictions on gun use.

    I have had the pleasure of shooting .308 Assault Rifles, AK-47’s, AR-15’s and much more. Handguns are my thing.

    I especially enjoy a glass of whiskey. Firearms. And, a bong. Of course, I do this safely at a private outdoor range. It’s important to learn how to shoot when you’re wasted I think. You never know when some shit’s gonna go down and I might be tanked. So, practice makes perfect.

    There’s nothing like randomly organizing odd objects to destroy down range when you are zooted.

    Thanks for taking a toke Ryan and I hope you enjoy the comedy and return. You can see, people from all walks stop by and everyone is cool no matter what side they might be on. A little different than Political Machine. No Offense PM.

  46. RyboSlybo Says:

    That’s cool Cube Dude!

    I prefer Hand Guns as well and in Idaho we have great places to shoot our weapons and safely. There is nothing wrong with a good glass of Whiskey either, actually I prefer it. I try to have a sense of humor when I blog and sometimes I’m a sarcastic ass. But my intention is never to put anyone down because they have a different opinion than me. Most of the time I am in it for the laugh, also like hearing other peoples ideas. Anyway keep er rolling dude mar!


  47. cube1122 Says:

    Firearms and whiskey.


  48. PCL Says:

    Loves big guns!!

  49. Diana Says:

    Personally, I prefer bazookas. Isn’t the thing with guys and big guns the same as with big monster trucks….overcompensating?

  50. cube1122 Says:

    So umm… what are you saying there PCL?

  51. cube1122 Says:

    You know what they say, small feet… really big cock.

  52. PCL Says:

    So I’ve heard. I’ve also heard things about guys with fast cars. Hmmmm.

  53. PCL Says:

    No comment, Cube.

  54. PCL Says:

    No comment again, Cube.

  55. PCL Says:

    See Diana? Our blog could just write itself. LOL!

  56. cube1122 Says:

    I’ve been busy painting kiddo! Yes. Remember the “shrinkage” episode? Well, it’s nothing like that at all.

  57. PCL Says:

    What’s that line again about protesting too much?

  58. PCL Says:

    Nice art work, Mr. Rubik.

  59. cube1122 Says:

    There is the other expression, small hands, enormous genitals.

    Ok… we need to get back on point which is the glorious mind control of Re-Education Camps. It’s a shame Bachmann stumbled across this. Maybe she is game for a tea bag.

  60. PCL Says:

    I’ve heard that one. No comment.

    That broad needs some serious tea bagging for her eyes, scary!!! Almost as scary as her politics. Yikes!!!

  61. Splash Says:

    Reporting for brain scrubbing!

  62. cube1122 Says:

    Wassup Splash! Dude, go watch that tea bag party. This guy freaks out and says there are “Brainwash Devices” in your TV. I’m workin’ on that tax cut.

  63. Splash Says:

    I don’t know about brainwash ‘devices’, but it is certainly a primary plug in for ones daily O-botic download. I know you are powerful, Cube, with your direct conduit to the Messiah, but I doubt there is anything you can do for my FUCKING tax cut. But your efforts are appreciated, it is almost like praying through the Virgin Mother.

    I said almost.

  64. Splash Says:

    PS – Your blog is great for a start. Don’t worry about the lack of decor. Just change the name to The Plain Truth and the motif will be perfect!

  65. cube1122 Says:

    Thanks. PCL inspired me to actually put up the device named after me as a banner. Click on the pop out player to the right if you want to hear some tunes. PCL is pretty much always right and I listen to her.

  66. Splash Says:

    cube1122 Says:
    April 11, 2009 at 4:43 pm | Reply

    Thanks. PCL inspired me to actually put up the device named after me as a banner. … PCL is pretty much always right and I listen to her.

    A smart move for sure.

  67. PCL Says:

    Awww, thanks Cube. But seeing that you think I’m always right, you need to seriously download some of my man Bruce onto your playlist on the pop-out player. And where is the nude artwork? And where is Splash’s fucking tax cut???

  68. PCL Says:

    Another smart man.

  69. Splash Says:

    Je suis seulement aussi malin que la femmes qui je vénéraim.

  70. PCL Says:

    Toujours le charmeur, Monsieur Splash.

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  73. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    I’ll burn that book when I come to it.

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